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Re: spurious partial in 2nd repeat abc->ly

From: Joe McCool
Subject: Re: spurious partial in 2nd repeat abc->ly
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2021 06:55:23 +0000

On Thu, 25 Feb 2021 at 14:11, David Wright <> wrote:
Apart from your commandline, we also need to know what and how you
installed the version you're using. If it helps, I installed the
downloaded file   with the commands:

$ cd ~
$ bash .../ --prefix lilypond-2.22.0-1.linux-64

I had followed the instructions here:

But omitted your --prefix now compiles without error and the resulting pdf appears perfect to me.  Thanks a lot for that.

But there is still something wrong with my understanding.  When I compile the attached with 2.22, Lily complains of a barcheck fail at 15,30 :-(

I cannot see the difference between the approach taken in and   Can it have something to do with 6/8 in the first tune and 4/4 in the second?

Surely  \partial 8*2 d8. [ e16 ]  |                is correct?

Sorry I am making such heavy weather of this.  I have tried following the examples here:


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