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Re: Writing multiple version of the same melodies

From: Francesco Petrogalli
Subject: Re: Writing multiple version of the same melodies
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 21:55:42 +0200

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 8:38 PM Xavier Scheuer <> wrote:

> Please try to make a minimal example. Usually when trying to reduce your 
> score to a minimal example showing the issue you might find the solution 
> yourself.

Apologies in advance - I was a bit frustrated by the fact I got stuck!

> I suggest you to use the last version (stable or unstable) because 2.20 is 
> not the latest.

Yeah - that would be ideal, but for a variety of reasons that's not
worth explaining, I am unable to update the version of lilypond on my
current machine...

> You need not have a Staff named "clarinet1" if you want something to align 
> above it.
> I haven't found any \new Staff = "clarinet1" in your code...

FACEPALM reaction. I didn't do that for the individual instrument
score, only for the conductor score... now it works, thank you!

> I guess that's because your transpose is applied to your key signatures as 
> well.
> \transpose bes c' for a score in B flat major (\key bes \major) lead to 
> something in C major, hence no key signature.
> Take your \global out of the transpose if you want to keep a B flat major for 
> your separate parts as well (but this is not standard practice AFAICT, both 
> the notes and the key signatures are transposed usually).

Thank you for explaining!

> Hope this helps.

Indeed it does! You helped me fix all the problems I had in the score!

Thank you so much!


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