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Re: Windows Media Player alternatives for midi playing?

From: Helge Kruse
Subject: Re: Windows Media Player alternatives for midi playing?
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2021 09:41:54 +0100
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Am 31.10.2021 um 02:02 schrieb Wol:

On 30/10/2021 08:42, Pablo Cordal wrote:
The problem: WMP blocks the midi file while (and after) it's playing,
so if I modify something in lilypond and I want to hear it, I have to
close WMP, then compile, go to the folder and reproduce again.. and
I'm composing so I do it a LOT of times.

Except that's NOT the problem. The problem is that WINDOWS locks the
file against writing if anything else has it open. You need to get WMP
to drop the file.

Please don't mix up Windows operating sytem and Windows applications.
The OS provides the apps the capabiliies to lock or to share files.
There's no reason to blame Microsoft for choosing Adobe the option to
lock the file.

I have exactly the same problem with Acrobat Reader - if I'm viewing a
score I can't run lilypond until I close Acrobat, otherwise it just
fails on me because it can't overwrite the pdf.

Yes, Adobe probably doesn't read the entire file and needs to re-read
some chunks from the file. So Adobe choosed to lock the file.

Question: anybody knows a mid player with does not block the file, so
it loads the file each time for playing it?

Switch to linux? Because linux doesn't tie the file name to the file,
it can delete the old file without messing up any program that's got
the file open, and create a new file with the same name.

So if I ask for a tire, you offer an entire car? There are good reason
to choose an operating system. If one tool in the tool set doesn't fit,
it's not necessary to switch to a new OS.


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