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Re: starting the first page on the left [in 2.21]

From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Re: starting the first page on the left [in 2.21]
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2021 19:47:57 +0100
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Hi Kieren,

Anyway… I've added a

   \bookpart {
     \paper { oddHeaderMarkup = ##f }
     \markup \null

before the \bookpart containing the score, and now the margins are as I would 
have hoped, as are the page numbers (because my titling is based on 

If the task really is to treat 1 as a left page, I don't see an option other than tweaking the page number output routine. Unfortunately, all of this seems to be quite hard-coded, so I did:

\version "2.21"

#(define number-format-original number-format)
#(set! number-format (lambda (number-type num . custom-format)
   (equal? number-type 'arabic-shifted)
   (fancy-format #f "~d" (1- num))
   (number-format-original number-type num custom-format))))

\paper {
  page-number-type = #'arabic-shifted
  first-page-number = 2
  print-first-page-number = ##t

\new Staff {
  \repeat unfold 400 c'2

which has the dubious benefit of being both brutal _and_ ugly.


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