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Re: top/bottom margins?

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: top/bottom margins?
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2021 22:34:59 +0000
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´╗┐On 12/29/21, 3:25 PM, "jh" <> wrote:

    very curious.  So your example printed better than mine the footnote is 
    very close to the edge and the top is very far down.
    So I opened librewriter cut the margins to .5 and filled the top and two 
    lines of text at the bottom and there is no loss at the bottom and no 
    extra space at the top.
    So this is a problem that is connected to the program more than the 
    printer.  The github links didn't inform me much as I am not that kind 
    of tech person (as if you couldn't tell) and I have never used github 
    and don't have an account.
    I think I'm asking "is there a way to manually set the margins in 

I think the issue is a Frescobaldi issue, not a LilyPond issue, as the links 
Federico shared point out.

Instead of printing from Frescobaldi, try opening up the saved pdf file that is 
created by LilyPond and stored by Frescobaldi in the working directory.  Open 
the pdf in some pdf viewer (evince is a Free pdf viewer) and try printing from 
the viewer.  See if you still have the problem.



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