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Re: Byzantine singing

From: Лысов Дмитрий
Subject: Re: Byzantine singing
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 00:02:12 +0300

Thanks Eef. 
03.08.2022, 16:28, "Eef Weenink" <>:
One of them is In xelatex.  
Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad
Op 31 jul. 2022 om 21:56 heeft Лысов Дмитрий <> het volgende geschreven:

Hi! I am studying Byzantine singing, which uses neumes to record melodies. Have you ever met a player or a converter of this notation into a five-line one in the lilypond program? Are there any developments on this topic at all?
Например посмотрите книгу по византийскому пению:
Langue N. "A guide to the music of the eastern orthodox church", 1984.

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