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Re: Centering Systems

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Centering Systems
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 02:00:47 +0200
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Le 15/08/2022 à 01:41, josh a écrit :
I did set the paper size in the paper block using

#(set-paper-size "ansi c" 'landscape )

The only difference between previous, successful uses of this script and now is that I am using the ansi c page size instead of ansi a.

I don't see a problem on this example:

\version "2.23.12"

\paper {
  ragged-right = ##t

\paper {
  #(set-paper-size "ansi c" 'landscape)

#(define-markup-list-command (center-column-list-args layout props args)
  #:properties ((baseline-skip))
  (let ((stils (interpret-markup-list layout props args))
        (line-width (ly:output-def-lookup layout 'line-width)))
  (space-lines baseline-skip
      (lambda (arg)
          (/ (- line-width (interval-length (ly:stencil-extent arg X))) 2)

\markuplist \center-column-list-args \score-lines {
  \repeat unfold 100 { c'1 \break }

The issue must be somewhere else. Please post a minimal working example
so that we can diagnose the problem. See
about how to create it.

By the way, this snippet can be simplified a lot:

\version "2.22.2"

#(define-markup-command (page-center layout props arg) (markup?)
   (interpret-markup layout props #{ \markup \fill-line { #arg } #}))

%\override #'(baseline-skip . 20)
\column-lines \page-center \score-lines {
  \repeat unfold 100 { c'1 \break }
  \layout { ragged-right = ##t }


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