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[Linphone-developers] Compiling oRTP tests

From: Emeline Hershberger
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Compiling oRTP tests
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 17:58:21 +0100

Hi all


I'm trying to incorporate oRTP into a project.

I tried to compile ‘rtpsend.c’ and ‘rtprecv.c’ in ‘oRTP/src/tests’ to test the functionality.

Compiling works fine - [ after altering ortp_set_log_level_mask(ORTP_MESSAGE|ORTP_WARNING|ORTP_ERROR); to ortp_set_log_level_mask(NULL,ORTP_MESSAGE|ORTP_WARNING|ORTP_ERROR); ].

However, when I run any of the the two binaries, a segfault occurs.


Following are my steps:

  1. I downloaded the git repo using ‘git clone git:// --recursive’

  2. I copied the ‘submodules/linphone/oRTP’ folder, as this is the only code I will need from the project.

  3. ‘./’

  4. ‘./configure’

  5. ‘make’

  6. ‘sudo make install’

  7. ‘cd ./src/tests’

  8. ‘gcc -g rtpsend.c -lortp -o send’

  9. ‘gcc -g rtprecv.c -lortp -o recv’

  10. ‘./recv out_file 1337’ -> seg fault

  11. ‘./send out_file 1337’ -> seg fault


Am I compiling the tests correctly?

If so, do you have any pointers how to debug this? With gdb I can only step through the two compiled files.


Thanks in advance.


All the best



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