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Re: [lmi] Code review: product editor

From: Evgeniy Tarassov
Subject: Re: [lmi] Code review: product editor
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 16:05:41 +0100

On 3/5/07, Greg Chicares <address@hidden> wrote:
On 2007-3-2 15:30 UTC, Evgeniy Tarassov wrote:
> Oh, IMHO it is getting really complicated. Do you think that we could
> create a separate branch for product editor (again) so that both of us
> could make all the changes related to product editor in there?

Let's try that and see how it works.
Can you integrate what you've got with HEAD as it stands at
this moment, and put the result into a new branch? (Or update

Oki. I am just about to finish a big change (a rewrite of MDGrid using
templates without boost::preprocessor library). I will integrate all
my changes with a clean version from HEAD, and then i will put it into
a new branch.

Will do it shortly.

Just to be clear, this means: for now, you don't need to watch
HEAD or pay attention to any further changes I make there; we'll
both work in the branch.

I will report as soon as i have created that branch.

Do you want me to store little patches for changes I do in the code?
It will not take much effort from me, but could be of a little extra
help while merging the branch back into HEAD.

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