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Re: [lmi] product editor feedback

From: Evgeniy Tarassov
Subject: Re: [lmi] product editor feedback
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 15:41:33 +0100

On 3/2/07, Wendy Boutin <address@hidden> wrote:

Wendy, thank you very much for the detailed report on the changes!
Below are notes for some of the issues you have pointed out. The
issues not yet fixed are omitted.

 - what do the "Test alert N[1-3]" menuitems do?

Cleaned up all the menu placeholders.

 - legend at top is in a large font, causing text truncation (tier, too)

Font is set to be bold normal size. The legend is set to have a
tooltip which should be shown as a normal tooltip. Legend text could
be (still) truncated if it is long enough. do you think that it is
critical to have legend not truncated, or maybe a tooltip is enough to
let the user get the whole description if he needs it?

 - why the extra '[+]' in top level node descriptions?

What do you think would be the best way to emphasize the fact that the
currently selected item in the tree (on the left) is a "category"? Now
after you have pointed it out I think that maybe its not even needed
since for a category everything is grayed out. The prefix "[+]" is

 - checkboxes *look* enabled when top level node is selected

This is a bug in WX. As soon as the corresponding path makes it into
wx HEAD it will be available.

 - can floating-point formats be changed?
     database seems to use a six-digit default, but tier does not

Changed to value_cast default behavior.

 - insufficient space for UWBasis values as column or row headers

A patch was committed into WX so this should not be a problem with the
latest WX.

 - using 'Loads | PremTaxRate' and changing:
     'X axis' to [blank]
     'Y axis' to 'State'
    should save the change after navigating to another field, but doesn't;
    'File | Save' doesn't save the change either
    similar fields behave the same way

Fixed. Now navigating back to the same field restores its axis
selection. About saving axis selection: AFAIK it is not stored along
with the document data (is it?) in the file. The axis selection is a
property of the current view (presenting the data), not the data
itself. It could be added into the file, but it will mix the data with
its visual representation, personally, i don't think it is right. Do
you think it should be done nevertheless? Currently when a user opens
a "session" (opening a window in the program, which shows the data)
the selection will persist, but as soon as the "session" is over (the
window is closed), the selection is gone.

 - all top level nodes should have values of zero
    e.g., loading a proprietary product displayed 'PremTaxTable' value
in 'Tables' grid

I think one of the changes done to the code should have fixed this
issue already. I can't reproduce this behavior, but if it ever
occurred before it should be now impossible (due to the code changes

 - occasionally encountered this problem, but more consistently with a
    proprietary product:
File | Open | sample.db4

Trying to index database item with key 66677016 past end of data.
[file c:/opt/lmi/src/lmi/ihs_dbvalue.cpp, line 337]

Fixed this issue. The top level nodes now are not used at all, which
seemed to cause problems before. This should not have any impact on
the visual part of the program.

 - can DBL_MAX be formatted as, say, "MAXIMUM"?

Yes. It should be easy to implement. What do you think should be
accepted from the user as the keyword? Does it has to be "MAXIMUM"
only? Case (in)sensitive? Should it accept an abbreviation like "MAX"?

File | New | Tier
File | Save as | ABC.tir
results in this:

Stop the current operation and attempt to resume safely?
Assertion '(.999 * DBL_MAX) < limits_.back()' failed.
[file c:/opt/lmi/src/lmi/stratified_charges.cpp, line 139]

Fixed. The cause is the same as for the database part - top level
nodes can not be manipulated.

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