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[lmi] product editor feedback

From: Wendy Boutin
Subject: [lmi] product editor feedback
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 20:59:56 -0500
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Below is feedback on the product editor implementation that's in our
cvs as of the current release tag 'lmi-20070223T1820Z', separated
by each file type. Overall, I was able to use this implementation to
add a brand new product to our system, so it was very handy to have
the product editor available. I found many cosmetic issues that made
it a little more difficult to work with, but more importantly are the
instances where I caused message boxes to appear (in the 'database'
and 'tier' sections).

 - default dialog sizes don't show all information
     max H is okay for some, but min W isn't for any
     restrict to 664 W by 432 H, same size as 'xml_notebook.xrc'
     wouldn't it be better to lay out these dialogs in wxxrc files?
 - tier and database dialogs get scrollers, but that's not good
 - what do the "Test alert N[1-3]" menuitems do?
 - want to consolidate filetypes, later on
     only one file per product; e.g., rounding combined with database
 - 'File | Save' has identical behavior to 'File | Save as'
     should behave just like *.ill and *.cns
 - can only tab from tree to "grid", but not back again

 - legend at top is in a large font, causing text truncation (tier, too)
 - why the extra '[+]' in top level node descriptions?
 - checkboxes *look* enabled when top level node is selected
 - can floating-point formats be changed?
     database seems to use a six-digit default, but tier does not
 - insufficient space for UWBasis values as column or row headers
 - 'State' data should default to 'Y axis', not 'X axis'
 - using 'Loads | PremTaxRate' and changing:
     'X axis' to [blank]
     'Y axis' to 'State'
    should save the change after navigating to another field, but doesn't;
    'File | Save' doesn't save the change either
    similar fields behave the same way
 - all top level nodes should have values of zero
    e.g., loading a proprietary product displayed 'PremTaxTable' value
in 'Tables' grid
 - occasionally encountered this problem, but more consistently with a
    proprietary product:
File | Open | sample.db4

Trying to index database item with key 66677016 past end of data.
[file c:/opt/lmi/src/lmi/ihs_dbvalue.cpp, line 337]


 - consider adding a field to describe the selected item in detail
 - some strings don't fit in the given field width
     some are shown right-aligned
     left-alignment and consistency would seem better

 - field names have underscored characters--are they accelerators?
 - alt-F doesn't pull down file menu when rounding editor is topmost
 - resizing vertically: extra space comes after second field
 - icons show as "@xAV"--should be pixmaps
 - comparing old and new *.rnd files, I find these extra fields:

 - grid display formats don't match original editor formats
    e.g., 'Premuim-banded charges | curr sep acct load by premium'
    should just have same formats as those in 'Premium tax | Alaska'
 - can DBL_MAX be formatted as, say, "MAXIMUM"?
 - aren't axes always fixed, so that no GUI to select them is needed?

File | New | Tier
File | Save as | ABC.tir
results in this:

Stop the current operation and attempt to resume safely?
Assertion '(.999 * DBL_MAX) < limits_.back()' failed.
[file c:/opt/lmi/src/lmi/stratified_charges.cpp, line 139]

Yes   No

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