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Re: Re[2]: [lmi] Code review: product editor

From: Evgeniy Tarassov
Subject: Re: Re[2]: [lmi] Code review: product editor
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 00:31:06 +0100

On 3/21/07, Vadim Zeitlin <address@hidden> wrote:
On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 18:36:14 +0100 Evgeniy Tarassov <address@hidden> wrote:

ET> I removed it to deal with a potential "bug" in wx. I'm not sure that
ET> wxTreeCtrl guarantees that it will never select a root node when it is
ET> hidden.

 It does, of course. If the root is hidden, it can't be selected by the
user. So while the selection might become invalid (i.e. no selection at
all) it can't be a non-existing item.

I'm sorry -- i have incorrectly employed the word "bug".

What i really meant is that there is a slight probabilty that in a
future release of wx it could happen that event.GetItem returns the
root id, since it is not guaranteed by wxTreeCtrl documentation at the
Imagine a tree with one element, selected by user, which is removed
programmatically. Will the root node (hidden or not) receive
selection? I'd expect an EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED event to be generated,
but from WX docs:
 wxTreeItemId GetItem() const
 Returns the item (valid for all events).
Such an event could only return the root node id.

Sorry again for employing an incorrect word.


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