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Re: [lmi] Input-sequence editor integration

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] Input-sequence editor integration
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2010 19:55:02 +0000
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20100704T1645Z (revision 5023)

This completes the input-sequence-editor integration, except for skins
that are deferred:
and now we're ready for testing.

* 'main_wx.cpp'

Here, where the new xml-resource handler has been added:

         // TODO ?? Should not it be moved directly into rounding_view.hpp
         // or rounding_view_editor.hpp?
         xml_resources.AddHandler(new(wx) RoundingButtonsXmlHandler);
+        xml_resources.AddHandler(new(wx) InputSequenceEntryXmlHandler);

what's your opinion of the comment quoted above? I'd like to either move
both AddHandler() statements to a better place, or agree that they're in
the right place already and remove the comment.

* 'input_sequence_entry.cpp'

previously discussed:
  wxWindowUpdateLocker removed
  sizers (wx-2.9 vs. wx HEAD)

BTW, it's not necessary to check whether member_cast<>() returned a null
pointer--it would have thrown instead.

Usually (especially given how much it does) I would try to learn this
module inside out, and see whether I could rewrite it from scratch--like
the kid up the street who got an electric guitar and is learning licks
off of records. I can't afford that luxury here, so I'll ask for help
with any issues we find in testing.

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