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Re: [lmi] Group premium quotes

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: Re: [lmi] Group premium quotes
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 23:18:44 +0200

On Sun, 16 Aug 2015 17:07:38 +0000 Greg Chicares <address@hidden> wrote:

GC> First of all, don't read this before September, especially not if you're
GC> on vacation.


 I was really going to try to do it and even succeeded for 2 days... but
patience was never my strongest virtue and by the 3rd day it ran out.

GC> I see a small cosmetic issue when running a large census with sizable
GC> face amounts: the total fields can overflow.

 I actually thought about this problem but in the haste of the last day
fixes forgot to mention it, thanks for bringing it up.

GC> Copying and pasting from
GC> the first two total fields yields:
GC>   7$73,383,898.001,4$91,376.55
GC> The first of those two fields should be
GC>    773,383,898 [here, as in the rest of this column, no ".00" is needed]

 OK, this is just my bug, I hadn't realized this. Fixing this is trivial
though: the code already uses either "f0" or "f2" formats depending on the
desired number of the digits after the colon, so here "f2" just needs to be
replaced with "f0".

GC> Given that this report's only use case is a narrow, specialized niche,
GC> an expeditious resolution such as widening these two columns by any
GC> convenient means might be good enough. OTOH, I have the impression
GC> (without looking at the code, because that would be cheating) that the
GC> columns widths are calculated based on the header widths (because the
GC> data in the second and fourth totaled columns are identical in this
GC> case, and the fourth is wider); if that's the case, then perhaps it's
GC> just as easy, and better, to take the width of the totals into account.

 Actually the width is hard coded. I thought it was acceptable to do
because the column headers themselves are hard coded too, so I just define
both the header and the corresponding width in the "column_definitions"
array. This is not very general and would definitely need to be changed if
we wanted the headers to be customizable by the users but for now this
makes it very easy to change the columns widths: just add more nines to the
"widest_text_" field of the corresponding array element.

GC> And the headers seem to need more vertical room. I see:
GC>         |               |              |    Annual
GC>         |    Annual    |    Annual    | Premium with
GC>  Annual | Premium with | Premium with |   Waiver &
GC> where I'd expect another line like
GC> Premium |    Waiver    |      ADB     |     ADB

 This is much more worrisome as I didn't see this in my testing. I can't
easily test this under MSW right now as I only have my Linux notebook which
doesn't have enough space to allow me to run MSW VM with the full
development environment on it but I'll retest this as soon as I get back.


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