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[lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP Contrib - Contributed code for Lightweight TCP

From: Simon Goldschmidt
Subject: [lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP Contrib - Contributed code for Lightweight TCP/IP stack annotated tag, STABLE-2_1_0_RC1, created. STABLE-2_1_0_RC1
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 15:21:50 -0400 (EDT)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "lwIP Contrib - Contributed code for Lightweight TCP/IP stack".

The annotated tag, STABLE-2_1_0_RC1 has been created
        at  2e6614854feece41e70452f5b055d221d8d66e8d (tag)
   tagging  b94e071e2ad1adb5c517a43026c56986e7b5be0d (commit)
  replaces  STABLE-2_0_0_RELEASE
 tagged by  Simon Goldschmidt
        on  Thu Jul 12 21:21:23 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Prepare v2.1.0 RC1

Axel Lin (3):
      apps/ping: Fix build error if !LWIP_IPV6
      ports/freertos: Fix timeout for sys_arch_mbox_fetch
      ports/freertos: Remove unused variable in sys_mbox_free

Dirk Ziegelmeier (171):
      Adapt to lwip core renamings in inet.h: Consistently name some inet <-> 
ipaddr conversion macros
      simhost: Some fixes to ping implementation
      unix simhost: Fix socket creation in ping thread: protocol depends on IP 
      Unix: Fix compile with gcc optimization levels other than -O0
      Adapt to fixing the naming of some inet_addr_* macros in inet.h in lwIP 
      simhost: remove ping implementation and use ping app instead
      Fix compile when IPv4 is disabled
      Improve flexibility of unix port Common.mk
      Unix port: remove unnecessary struct packing #defines
      Unix simhost: Enable IPV6 fragmentation support to regularly build code 
on Travis-CI
      Fix warning about uninitialized variable in ping.c (only shown at higher 
optimization levels)
      Use LWIP_CONST_CAST and friends in contrib code
      Minor cleanup and readability improvement in tcp_isn.c
      Partly revert my last change, it won't compile in IPv4 only systems
      Add tcp_isn.c filelist of contrib
      Fix compile of tcp_isn.c in unix minimal project
      Fix clang documentation warning in tcp_isn.c
      Remove fuzz stuff from .gitignore - it was moved to main lwIP rep
      Remove unnecessary #defines from unix port, these are now provided by 
      Fix a few -Wconversion warnings (there are many more to do)
      Unix check project: Cleanup Makefile a bit
      Add (commented out) #define LWIP_UNITTESTS_NOFORK to unix check config 
      Unix port sio.c, minimal/main.c and simhost.c: Add #include <string.h> 
because string functions are used
      Remove some #includes from unix port cc.h, they do not seem to be needed
      Simplify Win32 port after adding default #defines in lwIP arch.h
      patch #8680: Add support for LwIP static route table
      Fix warning about shadowing a global variable in ip6_route_table.c
      Rename some more index variables to idx
      Add static_routing addon to MSVC project
      Fix MSVC compile warnings in ip6_route_table.c
      fix compile of tcpdump.c after intoduction of IPv6 scopes
      tcpdump() function should take netif as input to support IPv6 scopes
      Fix macro usage in tcpdump.c (related to new IPv6 zones)
      Add ip6_zone.h to MSVC project
      Adapt to macro name change in "IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses" in lwIP core
      errno seems to be a macro that is expanded :-) Try putting it in "", lets 
see what happens. Remove #include <errno.h> from sys_arch.h, this is the wrong 
      Try to fix the unix port WITHOUT the new #define Simon added. It seems 
the only missing thing was #include <errno.h> in sys_arch.c of Unix port
      Add LWIP callback file support to tcp_isn.c
      Unix port: set LWIP_RAND() to rand() system call
      Revert "Add LWIP callback file support to tcp_isn.c"
      Also add LWIP_RAND() #define to Win32 port
      simhost: Use ext status callback to let MDNS announce changes 
      delif: Set IPv4 changes in one call
      clang: don't warn about missing deprecated attribute (add 
      "no-" was missing in -Wno-documentation-deprecated-sync
      Move snmpv3_dummy.* from main lwIP rep to contrib
      snmpv3_engine_timer function should be static
      snmpv3_dummy.h: Add missing #include; snmpv3_dummy.c: Use human-readable 
engine context ID (that can be entered in snmpB)
      Add SNMP to Win32 test project
      Fix implementation of TFTP read callback in simhost
      Common.mk: Add mbedTLS include path and link to mbedTLS libs if available
      Unix port: Enable SNMPv3 if mbedTLS is available
      Unix simhost: Set correct MIBs
      Guard SNMPv3 code with LWIP_SNMP_V3 instead of LWIP_HAVE_MBEDTLS
      Allow to specify a different location for mbedTLS directory in Common.mk
      Filelists.mk: Remove duplicate shell.c entry
      Try to unify unix and Win32 mingw Makefiles by moving common stuff to 
      Try to fix unix makefile (cannot test this at work)
      One more try to fix unix build (and Win32 build :-))
      Try to prevent compilation/usage of unix port sys_arch.c when building 
unit test solution
      Move Filelists.mk to top level directory (old place was a little bit ... 
      Win32 port: enable compilation of MBEDTLS stuff when mbedtls lib is found 
in mingw project
      Unix port: Enable compilation of altcp and mbedtls TLS if mbedtls is found
      Cleanup lwipopts.h
      Fix compile: #if LWIP_HAVE_MBEDTLS -> #ifdef LWIP_HAVE_MBEDTLS
      Try to fix build of smtp app after ALTCP_TLS change
      One more try to fix smtp.c
      Adapt to changed #include structure of altcp_tls in main lwIP rep
      Move SMTP from contrib to main lwIP rep
      mbedtls compilation needs -Wno-redundant-decls because 
mbedtls_ssl_list_ciphersuites() is declared in multiple files
      Add new files to MSVC project
      SMTP has moved to main lwIP rep -> adapt MSVC project
      Forgot to add snmpv3_dummy.* to MSVC project
      Implement LWIP_HOOK_TCP_ISN in simhost
      shell only works when TCP is enabled
      Win32 port: DHCP depends on UDP
      Win32 project: remove deleted readme.txt
      Win32 port: enable compilation of netifapi
      Fix build of Win32 port after updating MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT setting check
      Fix part 1 of bug #51652: Unit test errors appear
      Add makefsdata to unix makefile
      Add iana.h to Visual Studio Project
      Don't use paths relative to top-level Makefile in shared Common.mk files 
- you never know where they are used from
      Fixup ports/win32/mingw/Common.mk after my last changes
      Fix shadowing of a local variable in sys_arch.c
      Fix two "fall-through" warnings in snmpv3_dummy.c
      Fix bug #52315: Minor typo in output of MIB compiler
      Fix follow-up to [bug #52315] Minor typo in output of MIB compiler
      lwip_prvmib.c: Use lwip_isdigit portability macro
      Fix a type in SNMP example that may lead to confusion.
      Call mdns_resp_announce() after adding services - needed due to latest 
changes in MDNS code.
      Also add mdns_resp_announce() to Win32 application
      Start working on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure 
threading/locking requirements are met
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Fix compile for LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING=0
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Some fixes in unix simhost for SLIP initialization
      Fix indent in sys_arch.c
      Enable LWIP_NETIF_EXT_STATUS_CALLBACK in win32 port
      Update MSVC projects for timer unit test
      Add MQTT client to unix simhost
      Raise unixsim resources for mqtt
      Revert accidental DHCP=1 checkin
      Fix build error in my last commit
      Try again to fix the build...
      Move MQTT example code from UNIX simhost to separate files
      Move TFTP example code from UNIX simhost to separate files
      Move app initialization code in simhost.c to one place
      Move SNTP code from UNIX simhost.c to separate files
      Move SNTP code from UNIX simhost.c to separate files
      Move MDNS code from UNIX simhost.c to separate files
      Fix typo in tftp_example
      Minor cleanup in mqtt_example
      Move SNMP code from UNIX simhost to separate files
      Remove unused code from simnode.c and simrouter.c, it is now contained in 
      Move PPPOS code from unix simhost to separate files
      Several cleanups in unix simhost
      Minor cleanups in unix simhost
      Try to fix build errors reported by Travis
      Try to fix build errors reported by Travis
      Try to fix build errors reported by Travis
      Try to fix build errors reported by Travis
      Try another way to fix build errors reported by Travis
      Revert accidental check-in of Common.allports.mk
      pppos_example: return instead of exiting on error
      Repair simhost after my cleanups
      Common.allports.mk: Add more compiler warning flags
      Move ethernetif.c from lwIP main rep to contrib examples directory where 
it has a chance to be actually found by users
      Deactivate -Wmissing-include-dirs since it breaks Travis CI
      Use a few of the examples extracted from unix simhost in Win32 test 
      Move lwiperf code from Win32 test app into example files
      Forgot to add lwiperf_example.c to Filelists.mk
      Fix format strings in lwiperf_example.c
      Add mqtt_example to Win32 project
      -Wc90-c99-compat needs to be deactivated when compiling with MBEDTLS
      Enable LWIP_NETBIOS_RESPOND_NAME_QUERY in unix and win32 port
      Fix bug #53705: Buffer overflow in low_level_output in tapif.c (port for 
      Fix compile errors in tunif.c introduced by my last commit (can't compile 
at work)
      Try to fix build errors in tunif.c
      Work on CMake build system
      Work on a CMake build system
      Continue working on CMake build system
      Continue working on CMake build system
      Continue working on CMake build system
      Work on CMake build system
      Work on CMake build system - start working on Win32 port
      Work on CMake build system - prevent building MBEDTLS applications and 
minor cleanups
      Work on CMake build system - several cleanups
      Work on CMake build system - Add CMake project for unit tests
      Work on CMake build system - restructure to use included cmake files, 
this is more flexible
      A few cleanups in lwIP unittests (unix port) CMakeLists.txt
      Fix a few compile warnings in tcp_md5.c
      Minor cleanups in cmake files
      Adapt win32 port to my latest cmake changes (untested, I don't use MS 
Windows at home)
      Clean fix for compile problems in tcp_md5.c
      Create unified example application shared between Unix and Win32
      Some cleanups to my last commit
      Make win32 example_app work with CMake build system
      Fix MSVC solution after I broke it yesterday while working on unified 
test app
      Win32: Remove mingw port, it is now handled by CMake example_app
      Test app: a few compile fixes
      Fix compile of default_netif.c when IPv4 is disabled
      Fix misleading function name that has msvc in it
      lwipcfg.h: Remove duplicate LWIP_MQTT_APP #define
      example_app: Add missing LWIP_IPV6_AUTOCONFIG compile guard
      Add Makefile-based build system for example app of Win32 port
      Clean up contrib repository
      Remove deleted files from file lists

Erik Ekman (1):
      Update email address

Gisle Vanem (1):
      win32: sys_arch.c: prevent C99 style mixing of code and declarations

Joel Cunningham (32):
      Add interface support to shell and VS project file
      Update MSVC project file for if_api.c rename
      Update MSVC and shell for if.h rename
      Add sockets_priv.h to MSVC project
      shell: print errno from if_indextoname()
      Fix "lwip/errno.h" for Unix port (hopefully)
      Unix port: keep manual errno.h include
      Added sendmsg tests to socket examples
      sendmsg test cleanups found by Travis CI
      Revert "Added sendmsg tests to socket examples"
      Revert "Revert "Added sendmsg tests to socket examples""
      Fix MSVC proj file for snmpv3_dummy.c move
      win32: update check dependency instructions
      win32 port: add new unit test files
      task #14408: remove sendmsg UDP test from socket examples
      task #14408: remove sendmsg TCP test from socket examples
      Shell: add gethostbyname command
      Shell: guard gethostnm with LWIP_DNS
      msvc: add ip4 unit test files
      Add ieee.h to Visual Studio Project
      ping: guard ping_time with LWIP_DEBUG
      Build unix port on MacOS/clang
      win32: fix MLD for IPV6
      win32: use ip6addr_ntoa instead of ip6_addr_debug_print
      Add make support for unit tests on MacOS /w clang
      win32: add test_def to vs project files
      win32: add test_netif to vs project files
      Unix: remove dead MEM_PERF code
      Ignore lwip_unittests.xml
      unit: add XML file to clean target
      win32: fix unit tests (bug #53396)

Our Air Quality (2):
      freertos: misc fixes
      freertos: add core locking check support

Simon Goldschmidt (18):
      win32 port: restore graceful shutdown on keypress
      example_app: guard all apps with a define
      fix msvc project after moving/renaming files
      win32: fix non-debug configs; fix unit tests; fix intermediate dirs
      win32: add test_ip6.c
      pcapif: check that input callback is not NULL
      example_app/lwipopts.h: make ip4 reassembly work with PBUF_POOL
      example_app/lwipopts: don't define PBUF_LINK_HLEN to 16
      ports/win32/sys_arch.c: fix compiling with LWIP_NOASSERT defined
      fs_example.c requires LWIP_HTTPD_FS_ASYNC_READ
      apps: use lwip function names, don't depend on LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS
      mdns_example: use new probing callback
      apps/rtp: fix unreachable code warning
      tcp_isn: fix building with PPP support disabled and hook disabled
      mdns_example: fix build for LWIP_MDNS_RESPONDER==0
      unix port: fix compiling NO_SYS
      unix port: fix compiling tapif for NO_SYS
      add semi-automatic test for option permutations

Sylvain Rochet (1):
      PPP, PPPoS, example: condition build to PPPOS_SUPPORT instead of 

dziegel (1):
      Build makefsdata by default in unixsim

goldsimon (107):
      win32/check/time.c: revert using MEMCPY: this file does not include lwIP 
headers, it is for check only
      fixed compiling without LWIP_DEBUG & LWIP_ERROR and with LWIP_NOASSERT
      win32 project: added apps/mqtt
      apps/shell: fix that help_msg2 string has grown too long
      socket_examples: fix compiling for !LWIP_SO_SNDRCVTIMEO_NONSTANDARD
      our tcp callback API examples depend on LWIP_CALLBACK_API==1
      win32: fix libcheck.vcxproj etc. to work with check 0.11.0
      pcapif: PCAPIF_RECEIVE_PROMISCUOUS==1: fixed filtering out loopback 
packets we sent on pcap (by default, pcap gives us back all packets we sent; 
preventing this in the pcap library means we don't get any packets sent by this 
host, neither real traffic nor traffic induced by other pcap programs) - 
filtering is done by comparing to sent packets, so this is rather slow :-(
      win32 pcapif: fixed messed up PCAPIF_RECEIVE_PROMISCUOUS==1 code broken 5 
days ago...
      pcapif: another fix to PCAPIF_RECEIVE_PROMISCUOUS rx filtering: we don't 
get rx loopback if the link is down (packet not transmitted); prevent failing 
in such race conditions by reusing the oldest entry if no free items found
      fix chargen.c and socket_examples.c for LWIP_SOCKET_SELECT==0
      win32 project: added bridgeif, added missing snmpv2 files
      win32 port: don't build win32 sys_arch.c in unittest configurations
      Try to use new FileList.mk for building the unit tests on unix
      Try to fix unit tests on linux by fixing include path order
      win32/sio: fix compiling in unicode mode
      win32 port: added altcp files to msvc project
      pcapif: correctly access netif->state via PCAPIF_GET_STATE_PTR()
      SMTP: convert to altcp
      smtp: some cleanups
      smtp: add SMTPS support (SMTP over TLS) using altcp_tls
      make https work on mingw
      win32 mingw: make clean -> remove map file
      socket_examples: satisfy coverity by checking ip4/6addr_aton return value
      ignore ports/win32/mingw/cov-int
      win32 project: added altcp_priv.h
      win32 port: use CryptGenRandom() instead of rand() for LWIP_RAND()
      win32: fix compiling unit tests after adding secure LWIP_RAND
      win32 msvc: add some missing/new files
      win32 port readme.txt: fixed URL to WinPcap
      Add example code for an external file system for httpd
      remove ports/win32/msvc/readme.txt, fixed ports/win32/readme.txt
      Try to make gcc work without -Wno-address
      Fix win32 port to work with -Waddress (implement sys_*_valid_val() 
      -Wconversion and other minor compilation fixes...
      msvc project: adapted to moved compat headers
      Try to fix the build after #erroring for MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT
      Try to fix the build after #erroring for MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT
      shell.c now needs to have its help message split into 3 parts to keep 
strings below 509 chars
      Some -Wconversion fixes in the unix port
      fix for -Wdocumentation in snmpv3_dummy.c
      Even more pbuf_header -> pbuf_add/remove_header replacements
      remove ports/old from git:
      win32 sys_arch: fix sys_win_rand_init() if the crypt context does not 
exist yet
      win32 port: use win32 API functions instead of _kbhit() from conio.h
      win32 port: fix usage of ping and sntp apps
      win32 port: fix lwip_win32_keypressed()
      win32 port: make lwip_win32_keypressed return the key/char pressed
      win32 project: add bridgeif_fdb.c
      ping: fix some compile errors & warnings
      win32/sio.c: _snprintf() -> snprintf()
      win32 test app: close on ascii keys only, not on control keys (like ctrl 
or alt)
      Added httpd example for SSI (and added the two httpd examples to the 
win32 port)
      win32/msvc: make snmpv3_mbedtls compilable (include path was missing)
      win32 sys_arch: added checks that SYS_ARCH_PROTECT() is not called nested 
and that SYS_ARCH_PROTECT() is not called when we are about to invoke the OS 
      socket_examples: use 'poll' in one of the tests...
      move examples for snmp and httpd to a new folder 'examples'
      adjust project/make files to files moved to new 'examples' folder
      try to fix the unix port after moving this to 'examples'
      Added FreeRTOS port
      FreeRTOS port: fix default value of LWIP_FREERTOS_PROTECT_USES_MUTEX to 0
      freertos port: fix sys_now() for systems with ticks other than 1ms; use 
taskENTER_CRITICAL instead of vPortEnterCritical (same for exit)
      Work on freertos port: added preprocessor sanity checks of freertos 
      freertos port: allow thread stack size to be passed in number of stack 
words (freertos like; optional)
      Added dummy sys_mbox_trypost to win32 and unix ports
      win32 sys_arch: made global variables static; minor indentation fixes
      freertos port: add sys_mbox_trypost_fromisr() & ERR_NEED_SCHED
      freertos port: make sys_now() overriable
      freertos port: fix compiling sys_arch_netconn_sem_alloc() with strict 
      freertos port: fix LWIP_NETCONN_SEM_PER_THREAD
      win32: add new file raw_priv.h to project
      win32 cc.h: allow inlining functions at the compiler's decision (disable 
      add addons/tcp_md5 (example implementation for new hooks)
      httpd/fs_example: show delayed and limited read
      httpd: fs_example: implement delayed reading of file size
      freertos port: check we're not in interrupt
      httpd: added example for LWIP_HTTPD_CGI_SSI
      httpd: add example for LWIP_HTTPD_CGI
      httpd examples: fix a few whitespace and spelling things
      examples/httpd: add a httpd fs tree for the examples (e.g. SSI)
      examples httpd: addd an example for generated files
      Add httpd example genfiles_example.c to win32 msvc project
      httpd: add simple POST example
      httpd: fs_example: delayed files can be persistent too now.
      add script to compile win32 for coverity
      shell: check return values in shell_thread
      win32: improve build_coverity.cmd
      rtp: check return value of setsockopt
      msvc project: add mem_priv.h
      msvc project: adapt to name change of folder httpd -> http
      msvc project: add http client
      remove ethernetif.c from msvc project
      altcp_alloc: add to msvc project
      win32: check: fixed not copying enough bytes in localtime_r
      win32: check: whitespace fixes in time.c
      add new files to msvc project
      enable LWIP_IPV6_DHCP6 in unixsim to get it compiled on travis
      add lowpan6_ble files to msvc project
      win32 port: added example for LWIP_PLATFORM_DIAG()
      add zepif and ieee802154.h to msvc project
      pcapif: fix compiling with PCAPIF_HANDLE_LINKSTATE==0
      pcapif: set link status up for PCAPIF_HANDLE_LINKSTATE==0
      msvc projects: add include paths and lib paths to compile without 
PCAP_DIR environment variable
      mqtt_example: fix compiling IPv6-only
      win32 sys_arch.c: coding style fixes
      Add new 6LoWPAN files to msvc project
      win32 port: changes to sys stats must be locked

sg (7):
      PPP should be compiled on win32, but I don't want it always enabled as 
interface when debugging
      apps/ping: need to include string.h for memset when PING_USE_SOCKETS==1
      msvc: added new file nd6_priv.h to project
      Added RFC6528 implementation for TCP ISN (usable via LWIP_HOOK_TCP_ISN)
      removed ports/unix/fuzz (moved to core git test/fuzz)
      fix the unix port by using the new LWIP_ERRNO_STDINCLUDE define...
      If I want to use constants, I should include the file defining them :-)


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