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[lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STA

From: Simon Goldschmidt
Subject: [lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STABLE-2_1_0_RC1, created. STABLE-2_1_0_RC1
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 15:25:19 -0400 (EDT)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack".

The annotated tag, STABLE-2_1_0_RC1 has been created
        at  8c344dbaf46c770f50d437430c6d3ddb3c2443b3 (tag)
   tagging  07dd2aec2337bdc8c8812d82d7936a971d67dc85 (commit)
  replaces  master_at_STABLE-2_0_0
 tagged by  Simon Goldschmidt
        on  Thu Jul 12 21:20:40 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Prepare v2.1.0 RC1

Adrey Vinogradov (1):
      Fixed bug #51002

Ajay Bhargav (1):
      api:if: Handle case when LWIP_NETIF_API is not defined

Ambroz Bizjak (1):
      Optimize passing contiguous nocopy buffers to tcp_write

Axel Lin (126):
      netif: Add proper lock protect for accessing netif->loop_first
      netif: Trivial indent fix
      mdns: Fix assertion message in mdns_resp_add_service_txtitem()
      icmp: Increment mib2.icmpintimeexcds counter if got ICMP_TE
      lwiperf: Simplify #if LWIPERF_CHECK_RX_DATA guard
      nd6: Fix build error if LWIP_ND6_RDNSS_MAX_DNS_SERVERS == 0
      igmp: Fix optimized code for igmp_remove_group
      mqtt: Use LWIP_ARRAYSIZE to replace hardcoded value
      mqtt: Check conn_state before create request for sub_unsub
      mqtt: Trivial error message fix
      mqtt: Allow setting server port to connect
      doc: mqtt_client: Update example code after adding port parameter to 
      mqtt: Trivial coding style fix
      tcp: Make tcp_listen_with_backlog_and_err return NULL if the address/port 
is already used
      mqtt: Prevent NULL pointer dereference before assertion checking
      mqtt: Slightly improve mqtt_create_request
      IPv6: Fix compile error of ip6_frag.c
      tcp_out: Fix oversize vs. space assertion test
      tcp_out: Fix comment for last_unsent->oversize_left and 
      tcp_out: Use LWIP_MIN instead of open-coded for better readability
      stats: Remove superfluous /t in end of stats display
      dns: Clean up unneeded #if guard for 
      netdb: Use LWIP_MEM_ALIGN_BUFFER instead of open coded
      dns: Slightly improve dns_alloc_random_port implementation
      api_msg: Use lwip_netconn_is_err_msg instead of NULL test in 
      tcp_out: Fix LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF guard for not executing phase 2
      pbuf: Fix allocate zero length pbuf
      udp: Fix compiling for IPv6-only build
      pbuf_coalesce: Replace pbuf_alloc+pbuf_copy with pbuf_clone
      SNMP: Cleanup unreachable code
      tcp: Remove unreachable code in tcp_close_shutdown_fin
      netif: Fix IPv6-only build
      PPP: use pbuf_coalesce() instead of private ppp_singlebuf()
      sockets: Remove unreachable break statements in event_callback
      apps/smtp: Trivial typo fixes
      apps/smtp: Fix missing altcp conversion in smtp_send_bodyh_data
      apps/smtp: Make smtp_send_bodyh_data takes "const char **from" parameter
      apps/smtp: Fix memory leak if SMTP_BODYDH_MALLOC fails
      apps/smtp: Fix memory leak in smtp_send_mail_alloced error paths
      debug: Remove superfluous #ifudef checking for 
      ethernetif: Add #if LWIP_IPV4 guard around netif->output
      pbuf: Make pbuf_init_alloced_pbuf take pbuf_type instead of u8_t for type 
      pbuf: Init pbuf if_idx to NETIF_NO_INDEX in pbuf_alloced_custom
      apps/smtp: Make smtp_state_str/smtp_result_strs/base64_table static
      mem: Move LWIP_DEBUGF out of critical section in mem_malloc
      pbuf: Allow pass flags to pbuf_init_alloced_pbuf()
      apps/smtp: Ensure smtp_server is NULL terminated
      stats: Use proper format modifier in stats_display_mem/stats_display_sys
      PPP, VJ: Use pbuf_take instead of duplicate copy code
      timeouts: Trivial comment fix for cyclic_timer
      PPP, PPPoS: Fix update SNMP ifoutoctets counter in pppos_output_last()
      PPP, VJ: Use vj_uncompress_err at appropriate places
      pbuf: Simplify pbuf_alloc a bit
      PPP, VJ: Use pbuf_clone to replace pbuf_alloc+pbuf_copy
      init: Correct minimal MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT setting check
      ip6_reass: Move update ip6_frag.drop stats to nullreturn
      api_msg: Remove superfluous NETIF_NO_INDEX checking
      pbuf: Make pbuf_add_header/pbuf_remove_header return error if invalid 
      pbuf: Simplify pbuf_get_contiguous implementation
      Trivial typo fix
      slipif: Fix unbalance SYS_ARCH_PROTECT in slipif_process_rxqueue()
      netif: Use ip6_addr_isvalid() at appropriate places
      dns: Use dns_backupserver_available() instead of open-coded
      Use NETIF_FOREACH macro at appropriate places
      tcp: Remove superfluous variable in tcp_netif_ip_addr_changed()
      apps/httpd: Fix build error when LWIP_HTTPD_TIMING=1
      apps/snmp: Fix buld error when LWIP_SNMP_CONFIGURE_VERSIONS=1
      apps/httpd: Use LWIP_ARRAYSIZE at appropriate places
      sockets.c: use udp_is_flag_set() instead of udp_flags()
      bridgeif: Remove redundant port_netif NULL test in bridgeif_send_to_port
      Fix build warning for lwip_isdigit/isxdigit/islower/isspace
      apps/altcp_tls: Remove redundant check for 
      apps/sntp: Use ip_addr_copy to save server address
      ip4_reass: Fix build error when IP_REASS_CHECK_OVERLAP=0
      ip4_reass: Use IPH_HL_BYTES instead of open coded
      ip4: Fix IPH_OFFSET_BYTES macro
      apps/smtp: Avoid NULL pointer dereference in smtp_send_body_data_handler
      lowpan6: Fix build warning when LWIP_6LOWPAN_IPHC=0
      Use pbuf_clone to replace pbuf_alloc+pbuf_copy
      sockets: Simplify #if !LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING guard in 
      netif: Move LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED out of static functions
      netif: Enclosing macro argument in parentheses for NETIF_FOREACH
      netif: Add LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED() to netif_set_remove_callback
      netif: Remove unnecessary NULL checking in 
      ip_addr: Define ip_addr_cmp_zoneless for LWIP_IPV6 only
      apps/smtp: Fix wrong sizeof for memset s->bodydh
      doc/savannah.txt: Use RSA instead of DSA
      memp: Remove include of lwip/netifapi.h from memp.c
      Fix trivial copy & paste mistake for comment in header files
      igmp: Use angle brackets for including string.h
      icmp6: Fix "LWIP_ICMP6_DATASIZE" redefined build warning if it was set to 0
      Fix build error for http files
      etharp: Remove superfluous assert checking in free_etharp_q
      lowpan6_ble_opts.h: Add #ifndef guard for 
      lowpan6_ble: Fix build warning if 
      lowpan6_ble: Convert to use pbuf_remove_header instead of pbuf_header
      lowpan6.c: Fix ‘lowpan6_context_lookup’ defined but not used build 
      lowpan6_ble_opts.h: Make LWIP_RFC7668_DEBUG default OFF
      tftp_opts.h: Make TFTP_DEBUG default OFF
      apps/sntp: Trivial build warning fix
      api_msg.h: Fix build error when LWIP_NETIF_API && !LWIP_SOCKET && 
      http_client.h: Include lwip/pbuf.h
      api_lib: Remove superfluous #if LWIP_TCP in netconn_recv_data_tcp
      lowpan6: Rework to speed up dequeue datagram process
      netif: Add netif_do_ip_addr_changed function to reduce duplicated code
      apps/http: Fix httpd_structs.h build error
      apps/http: httpd: Fix unused parameter warning if !LWIP_HTTPD_SUPPORT_V09
      add lowpan6_common.c to Filelists.mk
      tcp_out: Fix updating remainder_flags in tcp_split_unsent_seg
      tcp_priv.h: Fix compile warnings when TCP_DEBUG_PCB_LISTS is set
      etharp: Cast the return value of etharp_find_entry to s8_t instead of 
      apps/smtp: Fix build warning when SMTP_CHECK_DATA==0
      apps/smtp: Fix build warning when !(SMTP_SUPPORT_AUTH_PLAIN || 
      Fix trivial copy-n-paste mistake in ip4_debug_print
      netif: Don't return error if pass NULL netif_input_fn to netif_add
      Silence lwip_tolower compiler warning
      tcp_out: Fix trivial build error
      tcp_priv.h: LWIP_TCP_OPT_LENGTH: Enclosing macro argument in parentheses
      Fix compiling with LWIP_NOASSERT defined
      Introduce lwip_toupper and use it in netbiosns.c
      Add define for lwip_isupper when LWIP_NO_CTYPE_H=0
      apps/netbiosns: Convert to use lwip_isupper instead of open-coded
      apps/netbiosns: Make *netbiosns_pcb static
      dhcp: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in dhcp_select
      sockets: Make socket_ipv4/ipv6_multicast_memberships array static
      dhcp6: Trivial comment typo fixes

Ben Wijen (1):
      dhcp: Fix BOOTP_FILE bug

Benjamin Aigner (1):
      Added a RFC7668 netif.

Daniel Elstner (5):
      arch: Optionally support 64-bit integers
      SNTP: Streamline timestamp handling
      SNTP: Unify timestamp extraction from response packet
      SNTP: Implement round-trip delay compensation
      SNTP: Avoid warning if debugging is disabled

David Girault (13):
      mdns: added support for removing service in mdns responder
      memp: allow initialization of pool memory if not in standard section
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: fix log messages by include a `\n`
      altcp: fix altcp_free
      altcp_tcp: some fixes
      altcp_tls: some fixes
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: remove "rx pbufs left at end of handshake" assert
      altcp_tcp: free altcp_pcb struct in altcp_tcp_close()
      altcp_mbedtls: close and error related fixes
      core: fix lwip_itoa()
      altcp_mbedtls: added altcp_mbedtls_sndbuf implementation
      altcp_tls: fix pbuf leaked when handshake failed
      altcp_tls: avoid use of static in altcp_tls_config

David Lockyer (1):
      Fixed bug #51990: Calling select() from different threads with MPU 
enabled triggers memory protection fault

David van Moolenbroek (36):
      Always check whether netif_default is NULL
      ipv4/ipv6: restrict loopback-destined traffic
      ethip6: forward correct error code
      nd6: add LWIP_HOOK_ND6_GET_GW hook
      nd6: add nd6_clear_destination_cache() function
      nd6: use default_router_list internally only
      nd6: centralize link-local packet send decision
      nd6: minor 'static' consistency fix
      Add hook for TCP Initial Sequence Number generation
      ipv6: adjust MLD membership on address state changes
      opt.h: provide some hints regarding MLD settings
      raw: extend support for connected sockets
      raw: split off raw_sendto_if_src() from raw_sendto()
      raw: core support for IP_HDRINCL socket option
      nd6: improve address autoconfiguration support
      nd6: check link status before sending packets
      nd6: fix Duplicate Address Detection
      netif: more ip6 state changes invoke status callback
      nd6: improve router selection
      ip6/nd6: route using on-link prefixes, not addresses
      ip6: improve source address selection
      nd6: some work on basic RFC 4861 compliance
      nd6: cull destination cache on router removal
      IPv6: fragment reassembly fixes
      ip6: improve length checks for extension headers
      PPP: clear address state before clearing address
      Add support for IPv6 address scopes
      tcp: eliminate some redundant route lookups
      ip6: fix parentheses in ip6_addr_has_scope
      Patch #9250 (slightly changed): fix source substitution in 
ip6_output_if() (broken in 2014 with be75c483d0adae9ce786e3e2d5760f8e37005ac7)
      udp/raw: prevent packet length overflows
      tcp: fix accept event on closed listening PCBs
      udp: add core-level multicast support for IPv6
      raw: add core support for multicast TX options
      arp/ndp: allow overriding the decision to copy pbufs
      tcp: do not keep sending SYNs when getting ACKs

Dirk Ziegelmeier (465):
      master: Set version to 2.0.1
      Fix bug #49578: lwip_socket_drop_registered_memberships API may not work 
      Fix inconsistent return value in udp_sendto_if() - ERR_RTE should always 
be returned when there is no available route
      memp.c: Only check for overflow/underflow if an element could be allocated
      inet.h: Consistently name some inet <-> ipaddr conversion macros
      mdns: Use strlen to determine string length of strings contained in a 
struct - padding seems to be applied to these strings, and sizeof() returns the 
_padded_ size???
      Minor: Add macros to map/unmap IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses
      api_msg.c: Partly add support for IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses
      sockets.c, lwip_sendto(): Remove check whether IP address matches socket 
type. Is checked in lower layers anyway.
      Cleanup unmap_ipv6_mapped_ipv4() macro
      Cleanup macro parameter names
      Work on dual-stack netconn
      Dual-stack fixes in raw/udp/tcp
      raw, udp, tcp connect() does NOT need to match exact IP type - when PCB 
is bound to IPADDR_ANY_TYPE, it is OK to connect to IPv4 or IPv6
      Move ICMP6 protocol constants to include/lwip/prot/icmp6
      Try to fix compile error with clang (found by Erik's Travis-CI)
      Dual-stack: Use IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses in receive() and getaddr() 
only in socket API, not in netconn API.
      Fix compile with MSVC 2010 and remove handling for IP6_ADDR_ANY in 
netconn_connect() - IP6_ADDR_ANY does not make sense in connect()
      Fix indent in api_lib.c
      Once more: Try fix compile with clang
      I decided to keep the "complexity" of handling IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses 
out of netconn API.
      Apply patch #9165: Allowing udp src port to be 0 in cases when we don't 
care about outgoing port
      Revert "Apply patch #9165: Allowing udp src port to be 0 in cases when we 
don't care about outgoing port"
      Fix bug #49662: UDP layer should filter incoming multicast datagrams 
against the bound IP address
      Add note about UDP multicast behavior fix to UPGRADING document
      Fix naming of some inet_addr_* macros in inet.h
      Remove TODO comments and one check from sockets.c indicating IPV6_V6ONLY 
socket option handling does not work
      Add #include <stddef.h> to a central place (arch.h) instead of #including 
it in several other files throughout lwip since size_t is needed in many places
      Minor code layout cleanup in err.c and errno.h
      Move declaration of struct ip4_addr_packed and ip4_addr_p_t to prot/ip4.h
      Fix compile when IPv4 is disabled
      Cleanup: move struct ip6_addr_packed and ip6_addr_p_t type to prot/ip6.h 
- these types are used in prot/ip6.h and prot/mld6.h
      Update CHANGELOG
      Fix bug #49778: sntp_stop does not cancel all timers
      Cleanup byte order handling a bit.
      Add macro to init an IPv6 address with U32 in host byte order
      Use new IPv6 init macro in netif.c
      arch.h: Implement possibility to provide own header for size_t, default 
is stddef.h
      pppos.c: Use arch.h to get size_t instead of including stddef.h
      Try to remove #include <stdlib.h> from many files. Does not seem 
necessary any more and might cause problems when porting lwIP.
      arch.h: Add hint for struct packing #defines on GCC/clang
      Improve documentation: add compiler abstraction macros to doxygen docs
      Fix doxygen parsing in my last commit
      Minor documentation improvement
      Adapt doxygen docs version number
      Doxygen: Fix project description text
      Improve documentation: Refer to compiler/platform abstraction in NO_SYS 
mode description
      Minor documentation update about IP_ADDR_ANY
      Try to fix compile warning with GCC under Linux ("large integer 
implicitly truncated to unsigned type")
      Fix bug #48963: ip6_frag does not support LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF
      Minor: Save an #ifdef in ip4_frag.c
      Fix bug #49827: wrong cast to size_t on 16-bit x86 architecture
      Continue to fix incorrect casts via size_t for some platforms
      Update changelog for LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF
      ND6: Don't misuse ip6_current_dest_addr() to create an aligned copy of an 
IPv6 address
      Fixup Makefile of FUZZ test after moving to main lwIP rep
      Minor cleanup of FUZZ test Makefile
      Fix bug #39145: IGMP membership report for
      Optimization in igmp_remove_group() pointed out by Axel Lin
      Minor code cleanup api_lib.c
      Fix compile of test_tcp.c unit test after introduction of tcp_next_iss 
      Fix compile with LWIP_NOASSERT
      task #14281: Add MQTT client
      Some cleanups in MQTT client
      MQTT cleanups:
      Minor documentation fix in MQTT
      Undo removal of mqtt_publish() from documentation in Simon's last commit 
(guess it was by accident)
      Fix a few -Wconversion warnings (there are many more to do)
      Update .gitignore once more for fuzz test
      Add mqtt documentation from Erik Anderson, rev 4b84fff
      Change signature of mqtt_client_connect() to take an IP addr instead of a 
      Move a few MQTT options from mqtt.c to mqtt_opts.h
      Fix bug #49914: lwip_sendmsg uses PBUF_REF pbufs
      Revert "Fix bug #49914: lwip_sendmsg uses PBUF_REF pbufs"
      Add #define with default MQTT port for convenience
      Forgot documentation on MQTT port #define
      Trivial  typo fix in arch.h docs
      Minor documentation updates in lwip/arch.h
      More documentation updates in lwip/arch.h
      Minor documentation update in lwip/arch.h
      Compile fix in lwip/arch.h "extra tokens at end of #ifndef directive"
      Provide struct packing macros on GCC/clang out of the box
      Minor documentation update in def.c
      Create documentation section "porting" and move it under lwIP section 
(instead of infrastructure)
      Several mqtt documentation fixes found by clang
      Fix TCP unit tests after changes from "Add hook for TCP Initial Sequence 
Number generation" commit
      Document PACK_STRUCT_USE_INCLUDES #define
      Add #include <string.h> in snmp_netconn.c because memset() is used
      arch.h: Add #includes necessary for default implentation of 
      Fix C++ style comment in mqtt.c
      Fix comma at end of enum list in mqtt.h
      Add note about high resource-consumption in LWIP_PLATFORM_DIAG and 
LWIP_PLATFORM_ASSERT default implementations
      Add debugging options to documentation
      Improve debugging options documentation
      I was not satisfied with the previous debugging options structure. 
Improve it again.
      Fix warning that local variable may be used uninitialized in mem.c
      Move macros to access DHCP and AUTOIP data to headers, users may want to 
access the members
      Fix warning about bad cast in pbuf_skip()
      Add missing #include in httpd.c for atoi()
      Add missing #include in netdb.c for atoi()
      Update version to 2.0.2 DEVELOPMENT in master branch
      MQTT: Fix possible bug in connect message generation that WILL flag can 
be set without appending a will message
      MQTT: Add check that WILL topic length must be > 0
      Add David's changes from patch #9208 to CHANGELOG
      Put 2.0.1 version tag in UPGRADING document
      Add MQTT to CHANGELOG (too late for 2.0.1 release...)
      Fix (bogus) MSVC 2010 warning about uninitialized variable usage in ip6.c
      Add David's IPv6 improvements to CHANGELOG
      Simplify HTTPD #include path handling
      Minor correction to last patch: Avoid #including socket.h in api_msg.c
      Fix compile of my last change in httpd_opts.h (use of undefined 
preprocessor macro)
      Add comment about my fix to bug #47512: MPU_COMPATIBLE may fail on empty 
pool to api_lib.c
      Fix part 1 of bug #50042: ETHADDR16_COPY from netif->hwaddr
      Fix part 2 of bug #50042: ETHADDR16_COPY from netif->hwaddr
      Fix compile error in ip6_frag.c
      Minor code readability improvement in mqtt.c
      Set lwIP version to 2.0.2 in doxygen script
      Minor typo fix in tcp_out.c
      Fix bug #50040: pbuf_alloc(..., 65534, PBUF_RAM) succeeds
      Add some parentheses for better code readability in tcp_in.c
      Fix bug #50064: Zero-copy RX: ARP reply fails with PBUF_REF
      Remove special ARP reply optimization from etharp.c
      Add note about bug #50064 to CHANGELOG
      Optimize my last fix in etharp.c, I missed the variable declaration at 
the beginning of the function
      Retry 1 to fix bug #50064
      Minor compile fix in netifapi.c: Use LWIP_CONST_CAST to cast away 
      Fix warning about shadowing a global variable "index" in if.c
      Fix warning about shadowing a global variable "index" in netifapi.c
      Fix some more variables named "index" - found by Joel Cunningham
      Fix documentation on netif_index_to_name
      Add CHANGELOG to lwIP HTML documentation
      bug #50162: Minor bug in errno.h
      Fix build failue in err.h reported by Axel Lin
      Code cleanup: add some parentheses in tcp.c and tcp_out.c
      Revert fixes "bug #50162: Minor bug in errno.h"
      Add documentation for LWIP_PROVIDE_ERRNO in arch.h
      Fix bug #50206: UDP Netconn bind to IP6_ADDR_ANY fails
      Fix a few build problems after merging IPv6 zones
      Add IPv6 scopes to CHANGELOG
      Fix that slipif used netif->num to pass parameters to slipif_init.
      patch #9249: tcp: Fix unused parameter 'dest' build warning if !LWIP_IPV6
      Fix compile when IPv6 is disabled
      Fix cast from pointer to numeric in slipif.c
      Fix compile without IPv6 zone support
      Add IPv6 scopes to documentation
      Choose another title for zones documentation page
      Documentation updates related to Joel's if_api changes
      Rename "IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses" to their correct name from RFC4191: 
"IPv4-mapped IPv6 address"
      igmp.c: igmp_lookup_group() should be static
      Implement task #14367: Hooks need a better place to be defined
      Add David's IPv6 multicast work to CHANGELOG
      Fix build in IPv4 only case when source based routing is disabled
      My documentation changes forced the usage of rand() function, which is 
not desired
      Move struct ip4_addr2 and corresponding copy macros from ip4_addr.h to 
prot/etharp.h where they belong
      Fix comment in my previous commit
      Some code cleanup related to netif index handling
      Also base netif_index_to_name function on netif_get_by_index
      Fix netif_find() function for many netifs (should use atoi) and move it 
to the bottom of the file where similar functions are located
      Start working on task #14283: Add more detailed status callback
      Work on task #14283: Add more detailed status callback
      Fix my last commits (unused variable warning)
      Second draft of task #14283: Add more detailed status callback
      Forgot to adapt #define in my last commit
      Fix unportable struct initializer I introcduced while working on task 
#14283: Add more detailed status callback
      Implement a better way to initialize all fields in ip address than using 
memset() (better fix than my last commit)
      Fix name clash between typedef and struct definition.
      Some minor documentation fixes
      Add some asserts to netif callback functions
      Continue working on ext netif callback
      MDNS: Use new netif callback, now does not need 
mdns_resp_netif_settings_changed() calls from user any more when 
      Third draft of task #14283: Add more detailed status callback
      Minor: Fix documentation in netif.h
      MDNS: Fix accessing wrong union member in netif ext callback
      Make pbuf refcount type an LWIP option and #define it to s8_t (to be able 
to check for underflow!)
      Preparation for task #14369: Define ways to work with a netif having 
multiple ports
      Preparation for task #14369: Define ways to work with a netif having 
multiple ports
      Improve pbuf refcount underflow check by checking the local variable on 
the stack that was assigned in a protected region
      Revert "Improve pbuf refcount underflow check by checking the local 
variable on the stack that was assigned in a protected region"
      pbuf_free: Use correct type LWIP_PBUF_REF_T for local variable
      opt.h: Set LWIP_PBUF_REF_T back to u8_t, s8_t has no advantage any more 
after reverting last commit
      Fix documentation on pbuf_get_contiguous()
      Fix documentation in sockets.c
      Add pbuf_get_contiguous() to doxygen docs
      Add netif extended callback to doxygen docs
      Remove netif_invoke_ext_callback() from doxygen docs, it is intended for 
internal use only
      Fix bug #50427: SNMP: ifIndex should use netif_get_index()
      Fix bug #50242: dhcp_release does not stop autoip (in coop mode)
      Some whitespace fixes to Marco's patches
      Add new files to Filelists.ml
      Several compile fixes for Marco's patch
      Fix compile when SNMPv3 is disabled
      Replace several C++ style comments by C-style
      SNMP: TABs -> spaces
      Several Win32 compile fixes in SNMP code
      Undo accidental activation of SNMPv3 code in my last commit
      A few more SNMPv3 cleanups
      One enum icmp_te_type member is not in doxygen docs - fix it.
      SNMPv3: Rename tcpip_enginetime_timer to snmpv3_enginetime_timer
      More SNMPv3 cleanups: Create own header snmpv3_dummy.h and move functions 
in there
      snmp/snmpv3_dummy.c: Set default configuration in snmpv3_dummy_init()
      Fixump snmp/snmpv3_dummy.h copyright header
      SNMPv3: Missed two locations where the new enums can be used
      Move snmpv3_dummy.* from main lwIP rep to contrib
      Some minor SNMPv3 related cleanups
      mdns_domain_add_label_base should be static
      Fix bug #50534: TFTP server does not copy terminating null of filename
      Try to fix line endings of tftp_server.c in git rep
      Add bridge interface to documentation
      Cleanup documentation a bit: rename "Addons" to "NETIFs" - its a more 
appropriate name
      Fix starting DHCP in NO_SYS example code
      Fix coding style NO_SYS example code
      Update doxygen version to 2.0.3 as in init.h
check if the setting is actually being changed
      Apply [patch #9287] Possible null-pointer dereference from Mikhail Lappo 
in a modified way
      Add altcp to Filelists.mk
      Add altcp_tls to Filelists.mk
      Improve TCP documentation a bit
      Add altcp to doxygen docs
      Fix bug #50618: dhcp_remove_struct() macro does not work
      Try to fix build of mqtt after ALTCP_TLS changes
      One more try to fix mqtt.c
      Cleanup #include structure of altcp_tls a bit
      Move SMTP from contrib to main lwIP rep - with TLS support, it becomes 
useful again
      Filelists.mk: Move all mbedtls related files to own section
      Correct a few header #include guards
      Create smtp_opts.h and add SMTP client to doxygen docs
      Improve documentation, add TLS stuff
      SNMP: Advertise SNMPv3 support
      altcp_tls.h: Document ARM mbedtls port
      Fix function name in altcp.c
      improve mqtt documentation
      Clarify LWIP_ALTCP_TLS usage a bit
      SNMP: strcpy -> strncpy, strlen -> strnlen
      Fix community string length copying - correctly handle long strings
      SNMP. Fix several ignored return values
      SNMP traps: Fix ignored return values
      Fix C++ style comment in altcp_tls_mbedtls.c
      Fix build error in bridgeif.c
      Improve bridgeif doxygen docs
      Fixup BRIDGEIF_INITDATA2 macro
      Apply patch from Kudratov Olimjon: Array index used before limits check
      Try to fix compile without TCP (reported by Axel Lin)
      One more try to fix compile without TCP
      Fix bug #50824: Bug in SNTP POLL mode
      Fix bug #50739: 6lowpan - IPHC de-compression bug
      Minor whitespace cleanup in ip.h
      Some documentation updates and fixes
      Add new DHCP hooks to DHCP docs
      Add PBUF_NEEDS_COPY macro to documentation
      Add custom pbuf usage example to pbuf_alloced_custom() docs
      Start working task #14494: Implement SO_BINDTODEVICE
      Cleanup netif_name_to_index() implementation
      Start working task #14494: Implement SO_BINDTODEVICE
      Fix build error introduced in my last commit
      Fix next build error introduced in my last commit
      Work on task #14494: Implement SO_BINDTODEVICE
      Cleanup and simplify tcp_connect() code
      Minor cleanup and documentation updates
      Make patch 4 of David's Minix3 patches superfluous: Use PBUF_POOL to 
duplicate incoming packets in UDP
      Fix compile in tcp_route when IPv4 only is used and source-based routing 
is disabled
      ip_route() can be called with IP_ANY_TYPE in src parameter, so remove 
code associated to that
      Fix bug #50932: LWIP-provided byteorder functions defined in the wrong 
      netif_add: avoid passing NULL pointers to subsequent functions (reported 
by Axel Lin)
      Minor #ifdef cleanup in netif.c
      Map {tcp, udp, raw}_bind_netif() functions to netconn API
      Fix compile of Axel Lin's patch
      smtp.c, smtp_set_server_addr: Avoid smtp_server buffer overrun when 
server name length is SMTP_MAX_SERVERNAME_LEN -> "smtp_server[len] = 0" is an 
out-of-bound access
      Axel Lin correctly pointed out that there is no buffer overflow because 
smtp_server[SMTP_MAX_SERVERNAME_LEN + 1] - there is always room for terminating 
0 byte
      smtp.c: Fix detecting overlength server names
      Fix bug #51238: LWIP_ARRAYSIZE() can't be used on lwip_cyclic_timers
      Fix unused arg from last patch the lwIP way
      Implement LWIP core locking support in tcpip_callback_with_block()
      Revert my last change to tcpip_callback() - it breaks the semantics of 
the function.
      Replace usages of tcpip_callback_with_block(foo, bar, 0) with 
      Make inet_chksum.c compile with -Wconversion
      Add "fall through" statement to Axel's patch
      Avoid return in case statement, makes function control flow equal to 
other case statement paths
      Fix my last commit - break is missing
      Fix "no previous prototype" warning when TCP_QUEUE_OOSEQ is disabled
      Map dhcp_release_and_stop() to netifapi, mark old functions as deprecated
      Update netifapi documentation
      Move netifapi private definitions to priv/api_msg.h
      Update tcpip.c/.h documentation
      Fix dhcp documentation
      Fix two -Wconversion warnings
      snmp_core.h: Add room for u64 values in union snmp_variant_value
      Work on [bug #51577] snmp/asn1: 64 bit encoding/decoding seems broken for 
big endian
      Fix [bug #51520] Big endian bug in apps/snmp/snmp_asn1.c
      Accidentally removed a break statement in my last commit
      Don't declare SNMP_ASN1_TYPE_COUNTER64 on systems that do not have 
uint64_t to avoid runtime problems
      snmp_asn1: Surround u64_t handling functions with #if LWIP_HAVE_INT64
      snmp_asn1.c: Fix handling of u64 values
      Fix bug #51525: MQTT_OUTPUT_RINGBUF_SIZE validation
      Probably fix bug #51602: MQTT Ring buffer 'get'
      Fix bug #50883: struct eth_addr alignment does not fit with ETHADDR16_COPY
      Start working on an astylerc for lwIP (not finished, don't use!)
      Fix bug #51681: mqtt: cannot free client
      Work on task #14587: Create common header for IANA assigned numbers
      ASytleRC: Don't indent prepocessor blocks for now
      tcp.c: Remove side-effects from boolean expressions
      iana.h: Prefix #defines with LWIP_
      Move several port number #defines to iana.h
      Add DHCP ports to iana.h
      ip4.c does not need to #include prot/dhcp.h any more
      Fix bug #51686: pbuf_remove_header: silence unused variable warning
      Implement task #14594: Improve consistency of ip route API parameters
changed, too
      Fix that the socket option IPV6ONLY can only be set on TCP sockets
      Apply patch #9399: makefsdata for linux
      More makefsdata fixes:
      Fix makefsdata.c on Win32 after moving to tinydir.h
      Move eth_type definition to iana.h
      Improve documentation in iana.h
      Rename eth_type enum in iana.h to be prefixed with lwip_iana_
      Moving eth_type to iana.h was incorrect - these are assigned by IEEE. 
IANA published a document containing these numbers, but does not assign them. I 
didn't see that in the first place :-(
      Implement IPv6 IPV6_JOIN_GROUP/IPV6_LEAVE_GROUP socket options
      Fixup my last commit
      sockets.c, lwip_socket_drop_registered_mld6_memberships: Remove 
membership from socket_ipv6_multicast_memberships even if netif cannot be found
      Add netconn_join_leave_group_netif() that takes netif index as argument
      Use netconn_join_leave_group_netif() in sockets.c, 
lwip_socket_drop_registered_mld6_memberships to avoid threading issues 
(reported by Joel Cunningham)
      lwip_socket_drop_registered_mld6_memberships: Fix if_idx got lost :-(
      Add assertion that netif index is within sane range in sockets.h.
      Reformat api_lib.c using astylerc
      Reformat api_msg.c using astylerc
      Reformat err.c using astylerc
      Reformat if_api.c using astylerc
      Reformat netbuf.c using astylerc
      Reformat netdb.c using astylerc
      Reformat netifapi.c using astylerc
      Reformat tcpip.c using astylerc
      Reformat sockets.c using astylerc
      Reformat altcp_tls_mbedtls* using astylerc
      Reformat httpd* using astylerc
      Reformat lwiperf.c using astylerc
      Reformat mdns.c using astylerc
      Reformat mqtt.c using astylerc
      Reformat netbiosns.c using astylerc
      Reformat sntp.c using astylerc
      Reformat tftp_server.c using astylerc
      Reformat SNMP code using astylerc
      Reformat IPv4 code using astylerc
      Reformat core code using astylerc
      Fix bug #52059: httpd/makefsdata assumes UNICODE
      Fix a few doxygen comment issues
      Reformat netif subdir using astylerc
      Fix bug #52189: list add and remove bug in <lwiperf.c>
      Fix documentation on relocating memory pools
      Fix bug #52113: recv callback: To free or not to free pbuf when returning 
      Improve lwIP doxygen documentation by copying several passages from 
rawapi.txt to the corresponding function documentation
      Improve lwIP doxygen documentation by copying several passages from 
rawapi.txt to the corresponding doxygen places
      Fix comment indent in main_page.h
      Improve UDP documentation using rawapi.txt texts
      Remove raw API TCP/UDP function documentation from rawapi.txt - it is now 
integrated in doxygen docs.
      Improve ZeroCopyRx.c code
      Improve system abstraction layer doxygen docs by moving documentation 
from sys_arch.txt to the corresponding functions
      Improve system abstraction layer doxygen docs by moving documentation 
from sys_arch.txt to sys.c
      BridgeIF: Move FDB implementation into a separate file, implementation is 
easier to understand like this.
      Improve documentation on bridgeif_fdb
      Try to fix build of bridgeif_fdb.c
      Move all text from sys_arch.txt to appropriate doxygen places
      Move API description text from rawapi.txt to doxygen docs
      Move all rawapi.txt to appropriate doxygen docs
      Fix two bad "fall-through" code
      Silence gcc 7 warning about fall-through in case statement by adding a 
      Fix bug #52300: Minor type in snmp_opts.h
      Related to patch #9471: pbuf: Drop casting to u8_t for increment the 
reference count
      Apply patch #9478: MQTT.c printf warning in debug messages
      Make xchar() a private #define of ip6_addr.c, it is not standardized in 
any C header
      ip6_addr.c: Convert several macros to private #defines
      The macros in ip6_addr.c are duplicated from ip4_addr.c, so move them to 
lwIPs portability layer
      Fix follow-up to [bug #52315] Minor typo in output of MIB compiler
      Apply patch #9472: tcp_kill_prio: Don't kill active connection that has 
the same priority
      Fix bug #52368: Minor typo in comment
      Follow-up to patch #9472: tcp_kill_prio: Don't kill active connection 
that has the same priority
      Fix bug #52345: MQTT buffer length check seems wrong
      dns.c: Rename goto label memerr to ignore_packet
      Fix bug #52239: if a DNS request is denied by a DNS server, this DNS 
request shouldn't be stopped if there is another DNS server to try
      Move DNS_MAX_RETRIES option from dns.c to opt.h
      Don't forget to save before committing! (compile fix for my previous 
      sockets.c: Don't rely on #defines in socket.h to be in sync with ip.h
      Improve HTTPD documentation
      Revert fix for bug #52345, that was not correct
      Fix bug #52345: MQTT buffer length check seems wrong
      Fix bug #52611: Incorrect use of ctype macros?
      Apply part from patch 9525: fix lwip_strnicmp in a modified way:
      Common pitfalls document: Add note that lwip writes to ethernet RX 
buffers (caching issue!)
      Improve cache handling notes from my last commit some more
      Add flushing CPU cache to zero-copy RX code example
      Apply modified version of bug #52747: mdns resp: separate the announce 
function and add netifapi support for it
      Fix bug #52704: DHCP and bad OFFER
      Update cache handling in ZeroCopyRx.c - invalidate is faster than flushing
      Work on bug #52770: mdns: move the announcements to a timer callback
      Fixup mdnsapi_mdns_resp_announce() macro - mdns_resp_announce() is a void 
      Remove mdnsapi_mdns_resp_announce() again - it is not really needed and 
declaring it in mdns.h breaks layering between callback-style API and 
thread-safe API
      Start working on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure 
threading/locking requirements are met
      tcpip.h: Make functions to lock TCPIP core overridable
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Apply patch #9523: MDNS responder should reply after a random timeout
      Fix build warnings in mdns.c introduced in my last commit
      netif.c: Fix that when using LWIP_NETIF_EXT_STATUS_CALLBACK multiple 
callbacks instead of only one are fired when netif_set_addr() is used
      Revert "Fix build warnings in mdns.c introduced in my last commit"
      Revert "Apply patch #9523: MDNS responder should reply after a random 
      Rename tcpip_trycallback() tcpip_callbackmsg_trycallback() to avoid 
confusion with tcpip_try_callback()
      Introduce LWIP_TESTMODE #define to be able to make functions/variables 
public etc. for implementing unit tests
      Start implementing unit tests for timers
      Fix build warning in test_def.c
      Work on timer unit tests
      Add test for bug 52748
      Fix bug #52748: the bug in timeouts.c by reimplementing timer logic to 
use absolute instead of relative timeout values
      Apply modified patch #9533: sys_check_timeouts: recalculate the time diff 
after each handler call
      Make _cyclic_ timers interval more deterministic - next timeout is 
calculated from last due time instead of relative to current time
      Partly apply patch from "Douglas" provided in bug #52748: the bug in 
      lwipopts.h for unit tests: Increase number of timeouts
      Fix variable shadowing warning in my last commit
      Once again: Fix build warnings in test_timers.c
      Fix that one of Douglas' optimizations broke the timers
      Apply timeouts.c simplification from Douglas
      Work on bug #52748: the bug in timeouts.c - apply Douglas' patch for 
absolute timeouts with modification to avoid cyclic timer overload situation
      Remove Simon's compile fix in test_timers.c, it is not needed any more. 
The function is now used.
      Apply patch #9536: netif: Prevent possible NULL pointer dereference in 
netif_set_addr in a modified version
      Rename lwip_sys_timers_get_next_timout() to 
      Add unit test for a long running timer
      Add assertion that checks for a maximum msecs value for sys_timeout()
      Work on task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking 
requirements are met
      Forgot to add LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED() to http_continue function
      Update lwip.Doxyfile to doxygen 1.8.13
      Fix bug #52880: ethernet_output() Compile error.
      Documentation - "Common pitfalls": Add some words about buffer alignment
      Fix bug #52911: SNMPv3 time window check is not the same as RFC3414
      Apply (modified) patch #9552: tftp_cleanup() for cleanup and filename 
buffer zeroing to prevent filename bugs
      Fix typo in MQTT port #define
      Minor DNS documentation improvement
      dns.h depends on err.h
      Improve documentation for 6LOWPAN and SLIPIF
      Move ethernetif.c from lwIP main rep to contrib examples directory where 
it has a chance to be actually found by users
      Add HTTP client to documentation
      Improve altcp allocator documentation
      Improve altcp allocator documentation
      Add DHCPv6 to documentation
      Some fixes to DHCPv6 documentation
      Improve documentation for 6LOWPAN BLE and ZEPIF
      Improve 6LoWPAN documentation
      zepif: Convert to dual-stack
      Fix bug #53559: IPv4 to IPv6 filtering not freeing PBUFs
      Fix bug #53626: NetBIOS Responder generates malformed packet responding 
to "*" name
      Fix indent in netbiosns.c
      Add note to MLD6 that allnodes group multicasts must be received
      Add note about NETIF_FLAG_MLD6 netif flag
      Enable IPv6 fragmentation by default
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/lwip
      Start working on a CMAKE build system
      Cleanups in CMake build files
      Fix indent in CMakeLists.txt (Tabs -> Spaces)
      Work on CMake build system
      Continue workin on CMake build system
      Work on CMake build system
      Work on CMake build system - add Filelists.cmake for unit tests
      Work on CMake build system - restructure to use included cmake files, 
this is more flexible
      Cleanups in CMake files
      Revert Filelists.mk to original state - it is not really useful to 
generate it from Filelists.cmake
      Apply patch #9629: tftp_cleanup() should clean up more
      Add CMakeLists.txt to generate source distribution file
      Filelists.cmake: Remove old documentation before generating new one to 
avoid orphaned files

Dmitry (1):
      Fix bugs in httpd with "LWIP_HTTPD_CUSTOM_FILES && 
LWIP_HTTPD_DYNAMIC_FILE_READ" when SSI tags (from '<' to '>' when they span 
from one read to the next or end at one read buffer) - bugs #50844 aqnd #50845

Erik Ekman (5):
      Update email address
      mqtt: Fix pedantic enum warning
      Remove duplicate netif_dhcp_data() macro
      mdns: Fix multicast destination check for IPv6
      Fix annotation in function documentation

Giuseppe Modugno (2):
      httpd: move httpd_cgi_handler() call
      makefsdata: added options to skip and avoid compressing some extensions

Jakub Schmidtke (3):
      Sending TCP timestamp option in SYN packets
      Partial SACK (RFC 2018) support
      Fixed removing unneeded TCP SACKs

Jasper Verschueren (1):
      DHCP request send on reboot does not contain hostname option

Jens Nielsen (4):
      Clear seg->oversize_left after sending OK
      MDNS send probes to verify domain before use
      TFTP server handle retransmit Data packets
      MDNS send probes to verify domain before use

Jisu Kim (8):
      First step to passing IPV6 Ready test: time out IPv6 fragments after 60 
      icmp6_send_response() sends the pointer in network byte order (see patch 
#9455: IPv6 ready test on RFC2460)
      ipv6 ready: clean up ipv6 header structs and add more header types & 
defines (see patch #9455)
      ipv6 ready: icmp6_param_problem() should send an exact offset to point to 
the error (see patch #9455)
      ipv6 ready: Hop-by-Hop and destination option header must be checked more 
detailed (see patch #9455)
      ipv6 ready: Hop-by-Hop and destination option header must be checked more 
detailed (see patch #9455)
      ipv6 ready: Added exception handling to parse a routing header (see patch 
      ipv6 ready: When there are more fragments(Mbit is not zero), 
payload_length field in IPV6 header must be the multiple of 8 (see patch #9455)

Joan Lledó (2):
      Support for 32bit errno codes
      lwip_fcntl() returns access modes

Joel Cunningham (106):
      WND_SCALE: duplicate define check & doc cleanup
      bug #49533: start persist timer when unsent seg can't fit in window
      bug #49684, api_msg: treat non-blocking ERR_MEM as ERR_WOULDBLOCK
      Increment ip.drop when dropping due to NULL netif
      Add netifapi macros for set link up/down
      Doc: correct minor mis-spelling in sys_arch.txt
      bug #49631: handle zero-window probe and refused_data
      Netif: add netif_num overflow assert
      Task #14314: Add interface name/index APIs
      Netif: add allowance for init to override netif->num
      netif: clean up remaining index shadowing from if APIs
      if.c include lwip/if.h
      Rename if.c to if_api.c
      task #14314: include cleanups
      Fix sockets on MSVC after IPv6 zone work
      Add parenthesis to clarify sin6_scope_id cast
      if APIs: update copyright claim
      Add sockets_priv.h header
      Add errno support to if_indextoname()
      Minor if_api.h cleanups
      socket_priv.h: add newline at EOF
      Fix comment typo from bug #47485
      Remove forward declaration of struct lwip_sock
      Move write_offset from struct netconn to struct api_msg
      lwip_netconn_do_writemore() cleanups
      netconn_write_partly cleanups
      Vectorize netconn_write for TCP
      do_writemore: fix blocking bug
      Fix dual-stack build failure in lwip_sendmsg
      bug #50476: initialize ssthresh to TCP_SND_BUF
      Fix unit test with assumed congestion avoidance
      task #14408: move sendmsg UDP to unit tests
      test_socket: convert sendmsg test to use recvmsg
      test_socket: replace {0} with memset
      test_sockets: move loopback addr logic to utility function
      test_socket: add sendmsg/recvmsg TCP test
      test_socket: conditional compile buffer trailer code
      tcp: bug #50614: move unsent queue check/pcb->snd_buf update
      test_tcp: de-duplicate seqno checking defines
      test_tcp: remove unnecessary memsets
      test_tcp: de-duplicate test IP addresses, netmask, and ports
      Patch #9307: Replace mem_malloc+memset with mem_calloc
      loopif: set pbuf if_idx during poll
      tcp: task #14128 - Appropriate Byte Counting support
      doc: clarify RST handling comment
      sockets: task #14247, add CMSG and IP_PKTINFO
      test_sockets: fix pointer to integer conversion
      Update changelog for features/bugs since 2.0.1
      sockets: fix CMSG alignment
      tcp: indentation fix in tcp_receive()
      bug #50837: add zero-window probe timeout
      tcp: fix cwnd rollover introduced by ABC
      netconn: switch gethostbyname to use tcpip_send_msg_wait_sem (task #14523)
      tcp: switch tcpflags_t to u16_t for all cases (bug #51326)
      docs: update references to global igmp_group_list
      docs: remove 'unimplemented' tag from exceptset
      IP_PKTINFO: set msg_controllen upon output
      sockets: Refactor event_callback()
      ip4: fix swapped src/dst params with ip4_route_src
      docs: update remaining api_msg_msg references
      tcp: remove extra seg == NULL checks
      tcp: map tcp_ack_now() directly to tcp_set_flags()
      tcp: use tcp_ack_now rather than manually setting TF_ACK_NOW
      tcp: use tcp_set_flags() rather than manually setting flag
      tcp: use TCP_WND_INC for dupack > 3 case
      lwip_itoa: fix converting 0 (bug #51729)
      sockets IPv6: cast interface index to u8_t
      tcp: persist timer re-work (bug #50837)
      tcp_output: move useg assignment to right before segment while loop
      sockets: add readv() implementation (task #14610)
      Remove double free on select_cb (bug #51990)
      CHANGELOG: add bug #51990
      sockets: cleanup ioctlsocket for LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS == 2 (patch #9456)
      Fix compiler warnings seen with clang 8.1.0 on MacOS
      Add poll to CHANGELOG
      sockets: poll clean ups
      docs: correct LWIP_IPV6_MLD reference on #endif comment
      sockets: poll Open Group clean ups
      Revert "Fix two bad "fall-through" code"
      sockets: fix missing break regression in event_callback
      docs: update tcp_kill_prio same priority comments
      docs: fix minor mis-spelling in sys.c
      docs: replace old reference to TCPIP_APIMSG with netconn_apimsg
      Introduce LWIP_PACKED_CAST to fix error issue with ARMCC
      docs: small clean ups for last couple of commits:
      netif: ensure link and admin states are up in issue reports (bug #52353)
      test_dhcp: set link up on net_test netif
      netifapi: add thread safe ARP APIs (task #14724)
      netconn: Add LWIP_HOOK_NETCONN_EXTERNAL_RESOLVE (patch #9427)
      Revert "socket/netconn recv: FIN should only be reported once (as '0' for 
sockets, as 'ERR_CLSD' for netconns)"
      test_sockets: disable test for calling recv() after remote closure
      sntp: use const for servername
      tcp: handle segmentation oversize during segment split (bug #52676)
      Add test_def.c to Filelists.mk
      tcp: handle pcb->snd_queuelen and chained pbufs during segment split (bug 
      tcpip: ensure core is locked for init done function
      sockets: add core lock assert to select_check_waiters
      tcp_out: remove CHECKSUM_GEN_TCP case from tcp_send_empty_ack
      sockets: remove ERR_CLSD case after data receive
      tcpip: guard tcpip_msg enum/struct member with !CORE_LOCKING
      memp: remove include of sockets.h
      unit: speed up test_pbuf_queueing_bigger_than_64k
      unit: write out XML file
      loopif: disable checksums
      loopif: only schedule poll when first packet is enqueued
      etharp: cast netif_addr_idx_t to u16_t to match format type

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo (2):
      Move select_cb list handling to functions (prepare for adding "poll")
      New sockets function: lwip_poll

Knut Andre Tidemann (1):
      lwip: fix broken default ICMPv6 handling of checksums.

Luc Revardel (1):
      Fix bug #50220 (mld6_leavegroup does not send ICMP6_TYPE_MLD, even if 
last reporter)

Lucas Vinicius Hartmann (1):
      Added JavaScript-friendly ssi /*#tag*/.

Marco (9):
      Replaced old LWIP_SNMPV3_GET_ENGINE_BOOTS macro.
      Added missing context specific tags.
      Made accepted SNMP version runtime configurable.
      Added handling invalid packets in SNMPv3.
      Start a timer for enginetime handling.
      Implemented framework mib.
      Implemented usm mib.
      Add framework MIB and USM mib if SNMPv3 is enabled.
      Modified the snmpv3_dummy implementation to be more functional.

Matthias Hofmann (6):
      Remove double definition of SNTP_SERVER_DNS.
      Increase SNTP_RECV_TIMEOUT to be conform with RFC.
      Fix using DHCP IP configuration after lease time is expired.
      Add null pointer checks for TCP, UDP and netif
      Correct UDP rebind check.
      Add missing null checks.

Mike Kleshov (3):
      httpd: make global variables static
      [patch #9547] Bring some comments in httpd.h up to date
      [patch #9548] Add .json to list of SSI file extensions

Mikhail Lappo (5):
      Possible null-pointer dereference
      Possible out of bound exception
      Fread return value unused
      Possible null-pointer dereference
      Possible null-pointer dereference

Nate Karstens (1):
      Enable support for MSG_DONTWAIT in lwip_recvmsg()

Our Air Quality (18):
      Initialize the tcp listen pcb netif_idx to NETIF_NO_INDEX.
      Silence some unsed variable warnings.
      Correct a few uses of sizeof(ip6_addr_t) to sizeof(ip6_addr_p_t)
      Clarify that sys_arch_protect() always has a matching unprotect.
      Deprecate sys_arch_sem_wait and sys_arch_mbox_fetch returning the time 
      dhcp: restart dhcp after releasing.
      dhcp: quieten a compile unused variable warning
      tcp_out rto: delay re-transmission earlier if link writes are deferred.
      tcp_in: correct some loops continuing without maintaining a prev pointer.
      Replace the OOSEQ max bytes and pbufs constants with functions.
      If undefined then define O_NDELAY in terms of O_NONBLOCK.
      Allow LWIP_SOCKET_OFFSET with an external FD_SET
      mdns: silence some unused variable warnings.
      mdns: guard against there being no ip4 address.
      timers: rework the core locking around timers (bug #52719)
      timers: add core locking assertion to tcp_timer_needed (task #14780)
      tcp_output_fill_options: account for the SACKS length in assertion.
      Quieten a toupper() compiler warning.

Pascal Quantin (1):
      Fixed bug #51528 (Bug when parsing WND_SCALE option)

Pradip De (1):

Ray Abram (1):
      NetBIOS Responder should respond to "*" names

Richard Sailer (1):
      doxygen/generate.sh: Add shebang line

Roberto Barbieri Carrera (1):
      Fixed bug #49610: Sometimes, autoIP fails to reuse the same address

Simon Goldschmidt (69):
      etharp: use generic types in external access to ARP table
      Fix bug #53667: ARP table max size is to small
      fix type conversion errors introduced with last commit
      Try to fix bug #53952 (ip4_addr_debug_print_val unaligned structure 
reference compiler warning)
      docs: use ETH_HWADDR_LEN, not sizeof(netif->hwaddr)
      test_etharp: fix compiler warning
      fix bug #53971 Lwip sends Router Solicitation on address changes
      ipv6 router solicitation: "ensure at least one solicitation is sent"
      add reference to the RFC for the last commit...
      send router solicitations every 4 seconds
      add new ip6 tests to (c)make list files
      fixed bug #54006: Two compiler warnings on IAR when debug is enabled
      fix ip6addr_aton handling IPv4-mapped addresses
      ip4_canforward(): don't route multicast packets
      fixed bug #51908: PPPOS uses PBUF_POOL in transmit pathway
      fix NULL checks (compiler error, tcp_rst allows pcb==NULL)
      remove 2 NULL checks which are wrong
      adapt unit tests to additional NULL checks
      httpd: fix missing null termination when searching for a default file in 
file system folder
      fix ip6addr_aton for non-shortened ipv4 mapped addresses
      fix bug #53273: IPv6 link-local address generation for non-ethernet type 
netif does not convert byte order
      Fix pppos after changing PBUF_POOL to PBUF_RAM
      unit tests: remove dummy netif input function
      bridgeif/slipif/zepif: check that input callback is not NULL
      ip4_frag: correctly refragment packets that already have MF set
      introduce 'lwip_tolower' and use it in dns.c
      dns: add a comment about case insensitivity
      udp: restructure udp_input uncon_pcb selection in preparation for fixing 
bug #53301
      udp: prefer correctly bound pcbs when receiving broadcast
      ip6addr_ntoa_r: correctly generate ipv4 mapped addresses
      added tests for ip6addr_ntoa_r
      fix bug in RA MTU validation
      try to fix compiling with gcc & clang
      minor whitespace cleanup
      lwiperf: start implementing iperf client
      lwiperf: implemented "dual" client mode
      lwiperf: fix unused function warning/error
      lwip_itoa: fix implicit conversion warning
      ip4_frag: fix assertion on wrong pbuf
      tcp: fix RTO timer not working if link is down
      fix compiling with LWIP_NOASSERT defined
      lwiperf: make tradeoff client mode work
      lwiperf: remove the comments that this is IPv4 only
      httpd deduplicate code in http_send_data_ssi
      doc: IP_REASS_MAX_PBUFS is used for ipv6, too
      tcp_out: fix duplicate check of tcp snd_queuelen
      ethernet_input: fixed duplicate check for p->len
      httpd: fixed duplicate NULL check
      ip4_reass: fixed duplicat NULL check
      docs: reference the nongnu archive, not nabble
      mdns: add defines for mdns_name_result_cb_t result parameter
      UPGRADING: remove mdns_resp_announce() requirement after probing was added
      mdns: use an u8_t instead of an enum for mdns_hos::probing_state
      mdns: fix implicit cast warnings (size_t to u8_t)
      mdns: minor coding style cleanup
      mdns: add 2 RFC constants
      mdns: implement random time for initial probing
      dhcp: fix parse error with chained pbfus
      dhcp: 2 small code improvements
      tcp/udp bind: small code restructuring for IPv6-only
      dhcp: adapt unit test to ignoring packets without END
      fix implicit cast warnings in IAR and others
      mdns: add config option to use netif ext callback
      opt.h: fix indents
      opt.h: more indent fixes, remove unnecessary brackets
      etharp: fix using ARP_TABLE_SIZE >= 0x80
      fix 2 small bugs found by coverity
      cmake: add .rcX or .dev suffix to LWIP_VERSION_STRING
      Prepare v2.1.0.rc1

Sylvain Rochet (16):
      PPP, L2TP: fix PPPOL2TP_AUTH_SUPPORT == 0 support
      PPP, PPPoS: fix memory leak when disconnecting if there are remaining 
input bytes
      PPP: fix build warning on wrong cast from void* to unsigned long
      PPP: remove unused and confusing return values other than ERR_OK for 
ppp_connect and ppp_listen
      PPP: remove ppp_singlebuf
      PPP, PPPoE: fix trivial build error
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: fix ZLB packets Ns value
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: wait for ICCN ack before starting PPP
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: take care of Ns/Nr wraparounds
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: drop unexpected packets from peer
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: use expected peer NS instead of current peer NS
      PPP: remove now unnecessary null PPP IP4 output handler
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: stop ICCN timeout when receiving ICCN ack
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: properly ack receipt of duplicate packets
      PPP: set PPP_NUM_TIMEOUTS_PER_PCB value to computed number of 
simultaneous timers
      PPP: remove unknown define references to PPP_NUM_TIMEOUTS when 
PPP_SUPPORT is disabled

Thomas Mueller (2):
      fixed race condition in return value of netconn_gethostbyname() (and thus 
also lwip_gethostbyname/_r() and lwip_getaddrinfo())
      Fixed bug #49895: Incorrect configuration detection in lwip/dns.h

Tim Cussins (3):
      sockets.c: Add missing lwip_select_dec_sockets_used within lwip_select.
      sockets.c: Make sock_inc_used overflow check robust.
      etharp.c: Ensure etharp_query() allocates adequate pbuf if 

Tom Ferrin (2):
      sntp: store server IP address after DNS lookup
      Add "server reachability" register to SNTP

armink (1):
      fix DNS resolution to not case insensitivity

dziegel (1):
      Make astylerc compatible to astyle 2.x

goldsimon (565):
      prepare CHANGELOG for post-2.0.0
      Added important post-2.0.0 changes to CHANGELOG to keep track of changes 
for future 2.0.1 release
      fixed typo in CHANGELOG
      fixed bug #49676 (Possible endless loop when parsing dhcp options) & 
added unit test for that
      patch by Ambroz Bizjak: fixed bug #49717 (window size in received SYN and 
SYN-ACK assumed scaled)
      fixed bug #49725 (send-timeout: netwonn_write() can return ERR_OK without 
all bytes being written)
      minor: fixed indent
      fixed bug #49726: setsockopt() set TCP_NODELAY TCP_KEEPALIVE ... with a 
listen state TCP will crash
      DNS: added compile-time check for some defines to fit into an u8_t (bug 
      remove bogus LWIP_MAKE_U16() define and use PP_NTOHS() in ip4.c instead
      Added improved macros for ip address initialization: 
      removed old disabled code
      dns: added one-shot multicast DNS queries
      mdns.c: use constants from dns.h/.c
      Revert "mdns.c: use constants from dns.h/.c"
      mdns.c: use group initializer constants from prot/dns.h
      Add a check for correct implementation of LWIP_CONST_CAST() to lwip_init()
      Revert "Added LWIP_HOOK_ETHIP6_GET_GW()"
      nd6_input(): allow using NA without lladdr_opt for DAD
      Make nd6_new_router() handle already existing routers (this is a special 
case for 2 netifs on the same subnet - e.g. wifi and cable) see bug #46506
      Fix compiling with LWIP_NOASSERT (and debug/error disabled, too)
      more LWIP_NOASSERT fixes
      mqtt: fix C usage (declaration after statement), fix casting to smaller 
      Clarify/add LWIP_PROVIDE_ERRNO comments
      Fix comment on lwip_shutdown() (it's not unimplemented any more)
      Fixed bug #50059 (httpd LWIP_HTTPD_SUPPORT_11_KEEPALIVE vs. 
      http_add_connection: add connections to the front to be faster (and 
really fix bug #50059)
      Fixed bug #47485 (tcp_close() should not fail on memory error) by 
retrying to send FIN from tcp_fasttmr
      For tiny targtes, LWIP_RAND is optional -> fix compile time checks
      minor: mark variable "unused" after assigning it
      Fix portable initialization of non-dynamic DNS_LOCAL_HOSTLIST
      Improved DNS_LOCAL_HOSTLIST interface (bug #50325)
      post-fixups for patch #9262: fix SO_ERROR, fix !LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING
      Added LWIP_SOCKERR_T to adapt the size of sock->err to what is needed.
      Revert "Added LWIP_SOCKERR_T to adapt the size of sock->err to what is 
      pbuf_ref: assert-check for 'ref' overflow
      netif_add: ensure netif->num is unique even if more than 255 netifs have 
been added/removed since system startup (e.g. by ppp)
      fixed that select ignored invalid/not open sockets in the fd_sets (bug 
      lwip_select: check for correct 'maxfdp1' parameter range
      minor: comment, whitespace
      make get_socket use tryget_socket, added tryget_socket_unconn in 
preparation of properly fixing bug #44032
      Start working on bug #44032: added sock->fd_used that is != 0 when at 
least one thread is using a socket
      Added a few missing calls to done_socket()
      fixed get_socket, fixed LWIP_SOCKET_OFFSET != 0
      fixed close race conditions in lwip_select (for LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX)
      Added pbuf_get_contiguous() to get data in one piece (either zero copy 
from pbuf or memcpied into a supplied buffer)
      tcp: fixed bug #50418: LWIP_EVENT_API: fix invalid calbacks for SYN_RCVD 
      make tcp apps depend on LWIP_CALLBACK_API, too
      refactor ip4/ip6 packet-to-netif matching to remove the ugly 'first' flag
      fixed my last commit (NETIF_FOREACH does not yet exist :)
      let ip4/6_input_accept return int instead of netif*
      Added LWIP_SINGLE_NETIF for small targets with only one netif (see task 
#13515, there might be more optimizations to come with this option)
      Fix compiling httpd for LWIP_HTTPD_SUPPORT_POST==1 (assigning int to 
      fixed warning about potentially unused variable 'netif' after changing 
ip4/6_input_accept to return in, not netif*
      httpd: LWIP_HTTPD_POST_MANUAL_WND: fixed double-free when 
httpd_post_data_recved is called nested from httpd_post_receive_data() (bug 
      lwip_sendmsg/tcp: prevent PSH until all iovecs are enqueued
      added nonblocking accept/recv to netconn API (task #14396) (also added 
netconn_recv_udp_raw_netbuf_flags() and netconn_recv_tcp_pbuf_flags() to pass 
socket-like flags to nonblock for one call only)
      Simplify lwip_accept() and lwip_ioctl() by relying on nonblocking netconn 
functions instead of sock->rcvevent
      Improve code readability by moving tcp-specific functionality from 
netconn_recv_data() to new static function netconn_recv_data_tcp() since all 
tcp code paths are different anyway
      netconn: added receive flag NETCONN_NOAUTORCVD and netconn_tcp_recvd() to 
delay rx window updates (e.g. when receiving more data as performance 
      sockets: clean up all the if/else in lwip_recvfrom and use new 
nonblocking features in netconn API: I'm OK with code duplication if it gets 
more readable :-/
      pbuf: added new function pbuf_free_header() to gradually hide bytes and 
free pbufs from the front of a pbuf chain
      sockets: remove sock->lastoffset and free unused pbufs instead (using 
      lwip_recv_tcp: fix full-duplex: remove invalid calls to done_socket()
      sockets: netconn event callback is only used for select (nonblocking 
sockets are now implemented at netconn layer) -> add option LWIP_SOCKET_SELECT 
to reflect this
      lwip_recvfrom: fix tcp socket error handling
      netconn_tcp_recvd should take u32_t, not u16_t (as used in msg)
      socket tcp performance tweak: handle window update (call into 
tcpipi_thread) only once per recv for multi-segment receives
      sockets: fixed printf format (not reported by mingw port due to 
      One more try to fix the build...
      netbuf: correctly reset netbuf checksum for LWIP_CHECKSUM_ON_COPY==1
      minor: indentation fix
      socket sendto: gracefully handle 'size' not fitting into an u16_t (return 
EMSGSIZE error) see task #14378
      netconn_write_vectors_partly() watch out for overflow of data to send 
(must fit into INT_MAX for sockets)
      lwip_sendmsg: small performance improvement: netbuf can be allocated on 
the stack as it is used internally only (see lwip_sendto)
      lwip_sendmsg: implement EMSGSIZE checks
      added missing define for MSG_NOSIGNAL
      arch.h: include <limits.h> if it exists (at least INT_MAX is used)
      tcp: watch out for pcb->nrtx overflows and tcp_backoff indexing overflow
      tcp unit tests: fixed that tcp_teardown() could lead to accessing a netif 
pointer that is not valid any more (netif added in test function stored on 
      My first try at 'recvmsg()', TCP only, for now...
      sockets: fix printf warning in gcc
      fix bug #50503: LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX: some LWIP_ERROR paths don't call 
      mdns: minor(?) stack usage and performance improvement by letting 
mdns_readname_loop() copy from pbuf to struct (instead of pbuf->buffer->struct)
      mdns.txt: LWIP_MDNS_STRNCASECMP -> lwip_strnicmp
      mdns.txt: changed the LWIP_MDNS_STRNCASECMP text again to reflect the 
fact that there are 2 names for 1 function...
      lwip_recvmsg: MSG_PEEK must be limited to the first iov for TCP
      implement udp/raw recvmsg() by moving recvfrom() into a common function 
taking an array of iovecs... (IP_PKTINFO/in_pktinfo still missing)
      set version to 2.0.3.dev now that 2.0.2 is released
      Added a simple multi-netif 802.1d bridge implementation to show that a 
multi-port netif works (see task #14369)
      lwip_init(): at least IAR warns about "LWIP_UNUSED_ARG(a)" accessing an 
uninitialized variable... Try to fix this by initializing it (it will be 
optimized away anyway)
      bridgeif: better separation between bridgeif and fdb (todo: move fdb to 
contrib?), tried to fix the build for LWIP_NUM_NETIF_CLIENT_DATA==0
      bridgeif: fix compiling with NO_SYS==1 by changing default value of 
      sockets: guard declaration of 'lwip_select()' with LWIP_SOCKET_SELECT==1
      tried to add basic socket unit tests (nonsense only for now); made 
LOCK_TCPIP_CORE()/UNLOCK_TCPIP_CORE() overridable for that
      Fix and improve sockets unit test and unit test sys_arch (with a little 
help of tcpip.c)
      Try to add a Filelists.mk file for the unit tests (to fix unix build of 
unit tests)
      sockets: fix lwip_getsockname/lwip_getpeername  for dual-stack: ip_addr_t 
type "any" (dual) has to be converted to AF_INET6
      memp.h: added missing include
      tcp unit tests: don't break later tests relying on loopif
      tried to fix sockets unit tests; fix configuration to run with any NO_SYS 
setting and with/without IPv6 (IPv4 is required)
      sockets unit tests: removed commented-out test code :-/
      hopefully fix building unit tests on linux/clang
      test_sockets: fix warning about unused variable "addr_size"
      try to satisfy clang's '-Wempty-body'
      sys_arch unit tests: refine test_sys_arch_waiting_fn a bit
      httpd: use capital 'T' for content types, add more content types, provide 
the possibility to add more content types at compile time 
      httpd: regenerate example fs (fsdata.c) with current makefsdata
      Revert "httpd: regenerate example fs (fsdata.c) with current makefsdata"
      httpd: regenerate example fs (fsdata.c) with current makefsdata
      api_msg:accept_function(): fix typo
      tftp_server: fix bogus comment lines in file header
      tcp: move some higher level definitions from tcp.h to new file tcpbase.h 
(in preparation for altcp API)
      Add "application layered TCP connection API (altcp)"
      Add protoypes for TLS connections for the new altcp API + an 
implementation doing HTTPS (server mode for now) with mbedTLS (ATTENTION: this 
might not be coded secure enough for productive use yet!)
      Add opts header for altcp_tls
      altcp: added 'addrinfo' and 'tcp_state' functions
      LWIP_ALTCP: default to off for maximum backwards compatibility...
      httpd: convert to altcp API (a simple search & replace...)
      httpd: prepare for https: move initialization code to shared function
      httpd: add support for https
      sanity check hdr_buf size
      renamed altcp_mbedtls files to altcp_tls_mbedtls
      altcp_tls: remove declarations #if !LWIP_ALTCP_TLS
      sockets: remove select_cb definitions #if !LWIP_SOCKET_SELECT
      sockets.c: fix compiling in release mode
      altcp_tls_mbedtls_mem: fix compiling for sizeof(mem_size_t) < 
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: improve sent/recved handling
      remove LWIP_RANDOMIZE_INITIAL_LOCAL_PORTS config option (this is 
implicitly done via #ifdef LWIP_RAND)
      Prepare altcp_tls_mbedtls for TLS clients (not fully tested yet)
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: fixed memory leak introduced by delayed deallocation
      bridgeif: fixed IPv6-only build
      altcp_get_ip: added altcp_get_ip(), added default functions that only 
defer a call to the inner_conn (moved from tls_mbedtls to generic altcp)
      altcp: added raw tcp fallback for altcp_get_ip() #if !LWIP_ALTCP
      minor: fixed typo in doc
      mqtt: pass client_user/client_pass to server if != NULL
      altcp_tcp: use 'void* state' to store tcp_pcb, not 'altcp_pcb* inner_conn'
      mqtt: convert to altcp API
      mqtt: add TLS support
      mqtt: clean up struct prototypes a bit
      httpd/altcp: add forgotten functions
      more fixes for !LWIP_ALTCP: move mqtt client struct definitions to mqtt.c
      altcp_tcp: some more debug checks
      make F_GETFL return file access mode for !CORE_LOCKING as well
      lwip_fcntl/F_GETFL: no need to check sock->conn != NULL: already checked 
by get_socket()
      bridgeif_input: check netif != NULL before calling netif_get_client_data()
      lwip_sendmsg: fix check for unsupported flags
      fix compiling altcp_tls_mbedtls sources/headers if mbedtls is not 
      altcp: added altcp_get_port()
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: fix TX when lower write returns ERR_MEM
      pbuf_copy_partial: remove double-check of 'buf' and 'dataptr'
      snmp_asn1_dec_tlv: explicitly check 'length_bytes > pbuf_stream->length' 
(for clarity, even if it would fail in pbuf_stream later)
      vj_uncompress_uncomp: copy from/to bigger buffers (used for checks 
before) instead of cs->cs_ip and ip; just to help static code analysis to see 
this is correct ;-)
      dhcp_parse_reply: return ERR_VAL instead of asserting on 
      mem_calloc: check for mem_size_t overflow when multiplying 2 mem_size_t 
input values
      bridgeif: gracefully handle out-of-memory in bridgeif_fdb_init
      bridgeif: improve documentation
      fix passing NULL to netif_set_gw & netif_set_netmask (or netif_set_addr 
or netif_add) (broken on 18.03.2017 by 2d9ef2215b5f276d8c7d34839bc6becfb063faab)
      bridgeif: fix that max_fdb_static_entries was used to init dynamic FDB
      bridgeif: sanity-check init_data->max_ports <= BRIDGEIF_MAX_PORTS
      altcp: allocate altcp_pcbs from a pool, not from heap (new option 
      Add macro ETH_ADDR() to initialize a struct eth_addr with its 6 bytes and 
taking care of correct braces
      task #14420 (Remove sys_sem_signal from inside SYS_ARCH_PROTECT crit 
section) done for LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING==1
      let unit test sys_arch check that a mutex is not taken recursively
      select_cb_ctr no needed any more for LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING==1
      sockets.c: refactor event_callback() a bit
      sockets: speed up event_callback: don't iterate select_cb_list for 
      sockets: speed up event_callback: don't iterate select_cb_list for 
NETCONN_EVT_RCVPLUS/SENDPLUS if the socket has been readable/writable before 
      netconn/sockets: remove fatal error handling, fix asynchronous error 
handling, ensure data before RST can be received
      event_callback: separated ++ from if
      mqtt: move struct mqtt_client_s and inner structs to new file mqtt_priv.h 
(to hide it from apps but provide it for tests)
      opt.h: provide LWIP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT_INTERNAL as default value for 
MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT that can be extended by local lwipopts.h
      added unit test for mqtt (that does not really do something useful yet)
      add mqtt_test.c to test/unit/Filelists.mk
      netconn_drain(): use lwip_netconn_is_err_msg() on acceptmbox, too.
      Fixed bug #50838 (mem.c needs SYS_ARCH_PROTECTION around MEM_STATS)
      lwip_itoa: check 'bufsize' instead of ignoring it; ensure code is not 
stolen from GPL
      Document struct netvector
      Try to fix the socket API for sizeof(int) <= 2 by checking INT_MAX at 2 
      lwip_recvfrom: use LWIP_MIN instead of self-coded min
      netconn_tcp_recvd: take size_t, not u32_t
      fix standard conformance: some socket functions should return 'ssize_t', 
not 'int'
      lwip_netconn_do_close_internal: 'close' -> 'shut_close': don't override 
global function names (why is this reported only now?)
      sockets.c: try to fix debug print
      sockets.c: try to fix debug print (again)
      mqtt: fix shadowing global 'dup'
      sntp: fix SNTP_LI_* bits; fix todo comment
      sntp_opts.h: adapt comment to RFC errata
      sntp: use randomized startup delay ([0..5] seconds) by default (if 
LWIP_RAND is available)
      Revert "Fixed bug #50838 (mem.c needs SYS_ARCH_PROTECTION around 
      Better fix for bug #50838 (mem.c needs SYS_ARCH_PROTECTION around 
MEM_STATS): only lock where necessary
      fixed copy&paste error in last change to lwip_itoa()
      Added 'pbuf_alloc_copy' e.g. as a single function for use with non 
scatter-gather drivers
      Clarify LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF (drivers might still get chained pbufs 
and have to take care of that, e.g. by using pbuf_alloc_copy)
      Fix bug #50694 (TX exist more pbufs after enable 
LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF) by not executing phase 2 for 
      minor whitespace fixes only
      Fixed bug #50816 (netif_add() prototype depends on configuration) by 
adding a new function netif_add_noaddrthat doesn't change
      minor whitespace cleanups only
      task #14270: DHCP should support user-defined additional options: added 
two hooks for adding and parsing user defined DHCP options
      added dhcp hooks to CHANGELOG
      pbuf_alloc_copy -> pbuf_clone
      First step to clean up pbuf implementation: add pbuf_alloc_reference() to 
allocate pbufs referencing external payload; move member initialization to 
common function; simplify PBUF_POOL chain allocator
      fix test_sockets_msgapi_cmsg unit test (msvc gives me "warning C4706: 
assignment within conditional expression")
      Try to fix alignment warnings when assigning CMSG_DATA() to some struct 
      Try to fix alignment warnings in CMSG_NXTHDR()
      added unit test to allocate zero length pbufs
      Clean up LWIP_NETIF_HWADDRHINT a bit: create a struct holding the hint(s) 
and pass a pointer to that struct around. That way we are free to add more 
hints if required (e.g. see task #11620)
      fixed copy&paste error :-)
      netif: tiny cleanup to last commit
      Fixed copy&paste error found by travis-ci...
      fixed compiling sockets.c with LWIP_UDP==0
      fixed compiling pbuf.c with LWIP_TCP==0
      udp SO_REUSE_RXTOALL: don't copy IP header in duplicated pbuf
      tcp_route: add comment, fixed whitespace
      httpd: fixed bug #50915 (HTTP_IS_DATA_VOLATILE was wrong for 
      task #14433: TCP: combine unsent/unacked queue loops in tcp_receive()
      tcp_free_acked_segments: fix debug printf parameter errors, fix unused 
parameters for !LWIP_DEBUG and/or LWIP_NOASSERT
      backport of "unreachable code" warnings from STM (why don't people report 
such things?)
      backport of "variable assigned but not used" warnings from STM (why don't 
people report such things?)
      tcp_fasttmr: adapt comment (to delayed FIN implementation)
      sntp_process: fixed unused variable if sub-second time info is not used
      6lowpan: fix compiling with !LWIP_UDP
      Fixed bug #50992: window updated too often
      fixed typo in httpd debug message
      SO_BROADCAST is valid for SOCK_DGRAM only
      fixed typo in docs
      Fix mdns_resp_del_service
      getsockopt: invalid type used to check for UDP
      gesockopt: fall-through in switch/case only if a case contains no code at 
      setsockopt: allow SO_BROADCAST for UDP sockets only
      Adjust pbuf reuse documentation a bit: pbufs should never be reused after 
      minor: whitespace change only to make the next diff smaller :-)
      Work on bug #3031/task #7896: change pbuf->type/enum pbuf_type to be more 
generic (see UPGRADING)
      memp malloc: move LWIP_DEBUGF out of critical section (bug #51142)
      Fix bug #51122 (Mismatched socket->fd_used accounting when using 
      Moved NUM_SOCKETS and struct lwip_sock to sockets_priv.h; added test case 
for fd_use count with select
      httpd: include hooks header file so that redefined defines/functions can 
be defined there
      Fix bug #51230  (Fix comment line) - change tcp_pcb to altcp_pcb
      httpd: remove unnecessary "\0" suffix for CRLF string constant (see bug 
      Remove smtp_server when passing NULL to smtp_set_server_addr() (see patch 
#9373 for discussion)
      Fix sys_timeouts_init() for LWIP_TCP==0 (see patch #9375)
      pbuf_alloced_custom(): less code duplication, please :-)
      Fixed bug #51195 (Calling inet_pton() causes buffer overrun on a struct 
      Add another posix compatibility header
      Fix unused arg from last patch the *real* lwIP way ;-)
      Refine comment changed by last commit
      Use ip_addr_debug_print_val instead of ip_addr_debug_print where 
      Slightly optimize pbuf_alloc: encode 'header offset' in 'enum pbuf_layer' 
instead of switch/case (which was duplicated in pbuf_alloc and 
      Try to make gcc work without -Wno-address
      Try to make unit tests work without -Wno-address
      Fix IPv4-only and IPv6-only after again last commits
      Ensure that all parts of an ip_addr are written for the various set 
commands when setting an ipv4 address in dual-stack configurations (for 
security & compiler warning reasons :)
      Start making the source compile correctly with gcc -Wconversion enabled
      LWIP_LOOPBACK_MAX_PBUFS: fix compilation or memory leak for 
      work on -Wconversion...
      Fix the fix for LWIP_LOOPBACK_MAX_PBUFS :-)
      DNS_MAX_SOURCE_PORTS is PP-checked to be <= 255...
      tcp_output: slightly move the jump target 'output_done': when nothing is 
to send, pcb->unsent cannot be NULL; add a
      tcp_output: faster return when nothing is to send (pcb->unsent == NULL)
      test_pbuf: free pbufs at the end of tests
      pbuf.c: work on -Wconversion...
      work on -Wconversion...
      work on -Wconversion...
      Cleaned up a bit after merging SACK_OUT support (mostly coding style)
      Fixed LWIP_TCP_SACK_VALID and its usage
      Added TCP SACKs to CHANGELOG
      remove invalid TODO comment
      Ensure SACKs are deleted when pbuf_free_ooseq() frees ooseq pbufs 
(because of memory shortage)
      work on -Wconversion...
      work on -Wconversion...
      work on -Wconversion...
      Fix compiling ASSERT (broken some commits ago)
      work on -Wconversion...
      work on -Wconversion, fixed some const bug in ip4
      work on -Wconversion...
      Try to fix the build: ip_globals.current_ip6_header cannot really be 
const :(
      work on -Wconversion...
      Make ioctl(FIONBIO) take an int*, not a u32_t* to got the *nix way
      Make PBUF_LINK_ENCAPSULATION_HLEN default signed (unsigned would be OK, 
but too many defines are signed already and mixing them gets bad)
      -Wconversion (still far from finished) and other minor compilation 
      Fixed bug #51379: (Sockets: prevent select_waiting overflow)
      Add @todo: scope ip6addr?
      Fix bug #51507 (Keep uses of SYS_ARCH_PROTECT/UNPROTECT in alloc_socket 
      Make sys_arch_sem_wait() & sys_arch_mbox_fetch() a little more robust 
when waiting (although this should never be a problem...)
      Restructure compatibility headers to fix bug #51463
      added passages about moved posix headers and changed SO_ERROR to 
      tcp_getoptbyte() -> tcp_get_next_optbyte() (to make it clearer that this 
function modifies something - not only a getter)
      Minor whitespace cleanups
      Removed LWIP_SOCKET_SET_ERRNO - errno is always set - if it doesn't 
exist, it must be provided by the port
      fix bug #51578 (SNMP failed to decode some values on non 32bit platforms)
      Give struct fs_file::pextension its own type & improve its documentation 
(see also task #14567)
      Clarify LWIP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT_INTERNAL regarding PPP and make the number 
of required timeouts per ppp_pcb configurable as we don't really know it right 
now ;-)
      ip4_reass: fixed bug #51595 (ip_reass_pbufcount may be updated incorectly)
      ip4_reass: fixed bug #51597 (Last fragment is assumed to have arrived 
even if it was discarded)
      ip4_reass: fixed bug #51596 (Insufficient overlap check)
      Fixed bug #51623: DHCP request XID should probably be regenerated for 
      Fixed bugs #51606 and #51535: IPv4 reassembly could be finished although 
there are holes
      Ensure that unit tests leave the stack in a clean state
      Finally fix bug #50088 (socket/netconn: data before RST should be 
readable) and added a unit test for it
      Fix unit tests under linux
      Wconversion-related cleanup: split pbuf_header(s16_t) into 
pbuf_add_header(size_t) and pbuf_remove_header(size_t)
      Add the last commit to CHANGELOG
      Clean up DHCP a bit: no need keep msg_out and msg_in as members in struct 
      Fix using LWIP_HOOK_DHCP_PARSE_OPTION after recent dhcp changes
      opt.h: improved hooks documentation by adding function signatures for all 
      task #14597: cleanup pbuf_header usages (use 
pbuf_add_header/pbuf_remove_header instead)
      Fix docs on dhcp_option_trailer()
      iana.h: added RFC
      Rework pbuf_add_header_impl to only modify the pbuf after all checks 
      Some cleanups after applying David Girault's altcp patches
      More pbuf_header -> pbuf_add/remove_header replacements
      Even more pbuf_header -> pbuf_add/remove_header replacements (also in 
      tiny doc change to LWIP_HOOK_IP4_ROUTE_SRC
      Continue fixing the spirit of bug #51663: don't change pcb state if 
retransmission can't be done because segments are still queued for transmission
      fix pbuf_split_64k() for zero-length pbufs
      Simplify pbuf_remove_header() a bit
      TCP: added a unit test for trimming left side of rx segment
      TCP: simplify trimming left edge & use pbuf_remove_header() instead of 
      Fix bug #51765 and fix commit 90873d6: call tcp_rexmit_fast() more than 
once on dupacks since the actual transmission is guarded by TF_INFR, not by 
      Fix function signature of fcntl() for LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS == 2 && 
      Fix bug #51687 (tcp_close(): is it OK to return ERR_MEM if TF_CLOSEPEND 
is set?)
      add unit test case for passive open & (invalid) bug #51941
      remove unnecessary lines from last added test case
      add test case that shows what's wrong for bug #51937 (Leaking tcp_pcbs on 
passive close with unacked data)
      tcp_remove_all() (used in tcp test setup/teardown): handle 
tcp_bound_pcbs, too
      refactor tcp_input a bit in preparation of a fix for bug #51937
      Fix bug #51937 by checking TF_CLOSED at the end of all pcb callbacks in 
      try to fix building unit test on gcc/clang
      add bug #51937 to CHANGELOG
      Slightly rework the fix for bug #51990: allocate select_cb only if we 
actually need to wait
      Try to fix clang runtime errors during unit tests (see bug #51652)
      icmp_input: fix possibly unused variable (used for debug output only)
      Fix UPGRADING: slipif change has been released with 2.0.2 already
      Increase IPv4 reassembly timeout according to RFC 791
      tabs -> spaces
      tcp_in: favour code block over #ifdef blocks for local variables only 
      Make TCP_OOSEQ_MAX_BYTES and TCP_OOSEQ_MAX_PBUFS work independently
      tcp_in: favour local variables over ifdef blocks
      Guard struct lwip_select_cb definition with LWIP_SOCKET_SELECT
      Guard LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS definitions of lwip_socket with 
      Fix compiling with LWIP_SOCKET_SELECT==0
      sockets: adapt poll to LWIP_MPU_COMPATIBLE; make LWIP_SOCKET_POLL and 
LWIP_SOCKET_SELECT independent options
      sntp: allow SNTP_UPDATE_DELAY to be a function
      Tiny typo fix
      Added two simple unit tests for illegal calls to mem_free()
      Fix a corner case of double-free in the heap
      mem.c: beautify converting between struct mem and heap index (add 
      add MEM_SANITY_CHECK (behaves like MEMP_SANITY_CHECK) and ensure 
'ram_end->prev' does not get changed
      Revert changes of 07434aa73a3eb51b7f311ba38c51c5611a91a52c (accidentally 
committed local changes)
      lwip_poll_dec_sockets_used: remove unused SYS_ARCH_DECL_PROTECT(lev);
      Fixed bug #52279: httpd.c http_init_file() miss uri
      fixed copy&paste bug introduced in last commit
      httpd: fixed double-free for default 404 file () for 
      httpd: LWIP_HTTPD_CGI_SSI: complete unfinished documentation for 
      Fix double-free when closing mbedTLS connections
      fixed bug #52403: netconn: FIN may be sent instead of RST when TCP 
netconn is closed with pending data in recv_mbox
      pbuf.c: fix that pbuf_skip_const() was not prototyped for some 
      httpd: work on option documentation
      httpd: ssi: move checking file extensions against g_pcSSIExtensions array 
into its own function guarded by LWIP_HTTPD_SSI_BY_FILE_EXTENSION
      httpd: ssi: support selecting ssi files by file flags, not by extension 
(at runtime) only
      tcp unit test: fix some endless loops for TCP_WND == 0xFFFF
      tcp: fix bug #36167 again (fixed in 2014, but when calling shutdown(WR) 
followed by recv(), this still happened)
      socket unit tests: improve basic tests a bit
      socket/netconn recv: FIN should only be reported once (as '0' for 
sockets, as 'ERR_CLSD' for netconns)
      sntp: revert 2 -Wconversion changes (see bug #51538)
      tcp_close_shutdown: always deallocate the pcb if there is unread data on 
close (see bug #52403)
      Fix broken MSG_PEEK on TCP sockets (post-2.0.3 bug)
      sockets: prevent nested SYS_ARCH_PROTECT() for LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX==1
      makefsdata: rework finding arguments, rework printing flags to file
      makefsdata: add information about SSI and about the version of the 
included header to files
      makefsdata: added option "-ssi:<filename>" to control SSI tag 
checking/insertion through a list of filenames, not by checking the file 
extension at runtime
      task #14600: tcp_alloc(): kill TF_CLOSEPEND connections before other 
      ... and fix DEBUG string
      Fixed build errors in makefsdata introduced with the last commit
      Added initial version of multithreading socket test
      multithreading socket test: implement more code paths
      sockets_stresstest.c: some compile and runtime fixes
      sntp_send_request: assert that argument 'server_addr' != NULL
      httpd: fix the names of some global variables
      Fix compiling mdns.c after last change (mixed code and declarations)
      Fix bug #52686 (pointer 'to' checked for NULL in lwip_sendto() may be 
      Fixed lwip_itoa (bug #51729) and added unit tests for it
      httpd: fix typo "kepalive" -> "keepalive"
      Added sys_mbox_trypost_fromisr() and 
      Try to silence unused function warning in travis
      Added dummy sys_mbox_trypost to unit test port
      minor style change: fixed indentation
      unit tests: fixed testing itoa with too small buffer
      ip4_reass: fix double-free of pbuf and wrong ip_reass_pbufcount
      ip4_frag: don't use LWIP_ERROR where we might depend in input data
      move sys_timeouts_mbox_fetch() to tcpip_timeouts_mbox_fetch()
      tcpip: give the tcpip_thread mbox a better name
      fix copy & paste error in comment
      tcpip_thread_poll_one: remove invalid comment in this function
      netif: change netif_nsc_reason_t to flags (preparation only)
      netif: add netif_remove_ext_callback() (counterpart to 
      unit tests: added test_netif (checking ext_callbacks only, for now)
      netif: ensure netif_set_addr() only results in one "ext_status_callback"
      netif: try to fix gcc error (-Werror=c++-compat)
      netif unit test: fix -Werror=c++-compat
      netif unit test: add some more tests for ext callbacks
      mqtt: fix documentation error (remove ':' after param name)
      lwiperf: fix double-free of pbufs on recv error
      Make LWIP_VERSION work with the preprocessor again.
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: hide allocation strategy in altcp_tls_create_config()
      minor whitespace/indentation cleanup
      memp_std.h: fix LWIP_PBUF_MEMPOOL element size for MEMP_OVERFLOW_CHECK
      memp_std.h: make MEMP_PBUF a normal pool
      sockets_stresstest: replace printf with LWIP_DEBUGF, fix unused arg
      lwiperf: fix testing against iperf 2.0.10 (bug #52901)
      lwiperf: enable TCP over IPv6 connections
      Fix bug #52949: udp_input() checksum error for 
      ip_addr.h: add IP_ADDR_RAW_SIZE() to know the memcpy size of an IP
      bug #52937: raw_input() must tell ip4/6_input() if protocol has been 
      bug #52893: Add 'old_stat' save in LWIP_NSC_IPV6_ADDR_STATE_CHANGED 
callback message
      altcp_mbedtls_sndbuf: use mbedtls_ssl_get_record_expansion()
      mdns: clarify usage of ip_addr_cmp_zoneless()
      fix bug #52976: lwip_ioctl() FIONREAD crash
      tcp_out: improved some comments
      tcp_enqueue_flags: no need to check pcb->snd_queuelen
      tcp_create_segment: rename arg 'flags' to 'hdrflags'
      tcp: tiny doc update (mention tcp_output)
      tcp_out: documentation update
      tcp_out: move around functions to group them together
      tcp_abandon: no need to buffer pcb->local_port
      tcp_out: make tcp_output_alloc_header generic enough for tcp_rst
      tcp_out: combine the tx path of the 4 direct tx functions
      tcp: add comments about usage of options
      tcp: add a define for maximum option bytes
      tcp_out: make some more pointers const
      sockets: add hooks to implement additional socket options
      tcp: centralize freeing tcp pcbs to memp_free
      tcp: introduce ext_args per pcb
      tcp: add 2 hooks to add custom options to outgoing tcp segments
      tcp_out: fix unused parameter when all options are off
      httpd: add "struct file*" parameter to httpd_cgi_handler() callback
      httpd: check that file data is present when dynamic read is disabled
      httpd: get_http_headers: fix content length check for custom files
      httpd: ensure hs->keepalive is 0 if content length is not sent
      httpd: get_http_headers: refactor decision for add_content_len
      Add LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED() to ppp (see task #14780)
      Improve LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED documentation a bit
      docs: make hook documentation a little nicer
      altcp: priority-based pcb/conn allocation required
      tcp: document TCP_EVENT_ERR exception for SYN_RCVD
      socket unit test: check receiving FIN together with data works
      socket/netconn recv: FIN should only be reported once
      netif: ext_callback: make LWIP_NSC_ defines, not an enum; fix mdns 
      netif: ext_callback: clean up netif_set_addr after last change
      httpd: fix simple typo
      httpd: create "connection" and "content-length" headers when file is ready
      Revert "netif: ext_callback: make LWIP_NSC_ defines, not an enum; fix 
mdns accordingly"
      Revert "MDNS send probes to verify domain before use"
      netif: ext_callback: make LWIP_NSC_ defines, not an enum; fix mdns 
      add MEM_OVERFLOW_CHECK and combine code with MEMP_OVERFLOW_CHECK
      test: add a unit test for TCP_CHECKSUM_ON_COPY with retransmissions
      tcp: LWIP_CHECKSUM_ON_COPY: fix adding data to retx segment
      Try to fix issues reported by coverity
      Try to fix issues reported by coverity
      dns_compare_name: change check for u16_t overflow
      mem plug_holes: fix copy& paste error
      vj_compress_tcp: help coverity to see we're not accessing out of bounds 
(this is a union)
      mqtt: add comments in mqtt_parse_incoming
      netif_alloc_client_data_id: only present if LWIP_NUM_NETIF_CLIENT_DATA
      Revert "vj_compress_tcp: help coverity to see we're not accessing out of 
bounds (this is a union)"
      mqtt: add more length validity checks in mqtt_message_received
      mqtt: slightly change some overflow checks
      simple whitespace cleanup
      mqtt: rewrote check for topc_len so that coverity is happy...
      test/fuzz: add some applications, add an experimental multi-packet mode
      rename folder 'src/apps/httpd' to 'http'
      apps: add http client
      http client: fix proxy support
      http client: add https support, fix parsing header with chained pbufs
      altcp_tls_mbedtls.c: tiny function rename
      altcp_tls.h: minor whitespace cleanup
      ip4_reass: free datagram entry if p == NULL
      fuzz: fix compile error, ignore 0 length pbufs
      sockets_stresstest: don't compile when LWIP_SOCKET is disabled
      http_client: httpc_tcp_recv did not return inner_conn's recv return value
      altcp: simplify creating different types by adding an allocator concept
      altcp_alloc: add to Filelists.mk
      doc: altcp: keep altcp_alloc/altcp_free out of the docs
      altcp_tls_alloc: need to close inner conn instead of freeing it
      altcp: mbedtls: move freeing state->rx from close to dealloc (catch-all)
      altcp: default shutdown for both sides is close
      altcp_tls_mbedtls: restructure upper callbacks to prevent double-free
      makefsdata: update usage output to code
      add an altcp layer for http proxy connect (e.g. to tunnel TLS through a 
http proxy)
      http_client: change user-agent and make it overridable
      add new http files to Filelists.mk
      fix compiling http_client and altcp_proxyconnect with gcc
      http_client: fix function documentation
      add initial support for stateless DHCPv6
      tiny cleanup in dhcp.c
      DHCPv6: make LWIP_IPV6_DHCP6_STATELESS==LWIP_IPV6_DHCP6 by default
      Try to fix dhcp6.c on travis
      dhcp6: try to fix docs (clang complains)
      lowpan6_ble.c: fixed whitespace & indentation
      get lowpan6_ble.c to compile
      add lowpan6_ble.c to Filelists.mk
      lowpan6_ble.c: travis complains...
      lowpan6_ble: fix compiling with LWIP_RFC7668_NUM_CONTEXTS==0
      Add check in init.c: altcp does not work with LWIP_EVENT_API
      dhcp6_disable: need to set pcb_allocated to zero
      lowpan6.c: move netif-specific data to a common struct
      lowpan6.c: move IEEE 802.15.4 definitions to their own header file
      lowpan6.c: a netif input function must return ERR_OK only if the input 
pbuf was freed
      lowpan6.c: rework lowpan6_input processing of the ieee 802.15.4 header
      lowpan6.c: fix building with LWIP_6LOWPAN_NUM_CONTEXTS==0
      lowpan6.c: move static variables declared inside lowpan6_frag into 
      fix some IEEE_802154_FC_ bit definitions
      lowpan6.c: ensure netif->hwaddr_len == 8 (to not create invalid frames)
      lowpan6.c: refactor parsing and writing the ieee 802.15.4 header to 
separate function
      lowpan6.c: implement software CRC (e.g. required for use with ZEP)
      lowpan6.c: tiny whitespace fix
      lowpan6.c: handle 6-byte MAC addresses on netif, too
      tcpip_thread: TCPIP_MSG_INPKT: free input pbufs if the input function 
returns an error
      Added a netif encapsulating 6LowPAN in ZEP (ZigBee Enxapsulation Protocol)
      add zepif.c to Filelists.mk
      zeoif: ZEPIF_LOOPBACK should be 0 default, not 1
      lowpan6.c: fix clang doc warnings
      zepif: fix destination IP (default should be broadcast, not
      sockets.h: include <string.h> for memcpy in FD_ZERO
      lowpan6.c: fix referenced RFCs
      lowpan6: change the name of 2 members to indicate usage for tx
      finally got zepif running
      zepif: call netif->input instead of tcpip_6lowpan_input for rx packets
      zepif: fix comment for calling netif->input()
      http_client: check current state when receiving FIN
      zepif: fix compiling with IPv4 disabled
      various IPv6-only compile fixes
      lowpan6: refactor decompression to not allocate a pbuf
      lowpan6: fix bug #47291 (wrong datagram size for fragmentation)
      http_client: call tcp_recved for header bytes
      lowpan6: fix doc warning in clang
      minor: fix typos and spaces
      netif: initialize netif->output with a dummy function for IPv6 only netifs
      lowpan6: move a function to delete one prototype
      netif_add: check that the new netif is not already added
      http_client: fix compiling if mem_size_t is smaller than size_t
      Move common 6LoWPAN code to new file lopwan6_common.c
      lowpan6_common.c: add comments from ble version
      lowpan6_ble.c: use common functions from lowpan6_common.c
      Fix compiling lowpan6_ble.c on travis
      lowpan6_ble: local address is required for compression/decompression, too
      httpd: fixed compiling makefsdata.c
      netconn_accept: reduce number of ifdefs
      netbios: fix response length of node status response
      netbiosns: check question type before generating an answer
      LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX: prevent taking recursive sys arch lock
      sockets: change closing: netconn is freed when socket is closed, not 
      LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX: unblock rx threads on close
      Improve the socket stress test to better test fullduplex
      LWIP_ALLOW_MEM_FREE_FROM_OTHER_CONTEXT: 'lfree' mus be volatile
      fix compiling sockets.c for SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT==0
      sockets_stresstest: fix typo (&1, not %1)
      netbiosns: fix bug #53747 (need to verify received packet length)
      etharp: fix bogus ifdef regions
      tftp: decrease TFTP_TIMER_MSECS
      makefsdata: fix hiding local variable 'i'
      tcp: fix const warning for LWIP_NETIF_HWADDRHINT==1

sg (27):
      dns_enqueue(): minor readability improvement: add local variable "age" to 
store result of subtraction
      netif_create_ip6_linklocal_address(): use macros to assign address state 
to ensure callbacks are triggered; netif_add_ip6_address(): only overwrite 
invalid addresses, not tentative addresses
      Minor: nd6_packet_send_check() -> nd6_get_next_hop_addr_or_queue() (too 
long, but a little more self-explaining); cosmetics...
      Moved nd6 implementation details to new file nd6_priv.h (possible after 
David's cleanups)
      minor: corrected include guard name in tcp_priv.h
      minor: fixed errors in some defined __DOXYGEN__ guards
      added forgoten new file nd6_priv.h :-(
      dhcp: covert DHCP_OPTION_IDX_* from defines to enum (mainly to ease 
offset calculation)
      opt.h: added LWIP_DHCP_MAX_DNS_SERVERS to configure the maximum number of 
DNS servers configured from dhcp.c(v4) (if any; guarded with LWIP_DNS)
      nd6: add support for RDNSS option (as per RFC 6106)
      LWIP_HOOK_TCP_ISN: added CHANGELOG/fixed comment
      added fuzz tests (moved from contrib/ports/unix/fuzz to get them to a 
more prominent place, even if afl-fuzz still needs *nix to run)
      added note about afl-fuzz requiring linux
      Fixed #49848 (Non-blocking socket emit a sock error while read return 
EWOULDBLOCK) especially for EWOULDBLOCK (added task #14275 for the general 
      added function tcp_listen_with_backlog_and_err() to get the error reason 
when listening fails (bug #49861)
      nd6 rdnss: fixed dual-stack compilation
      fixed warnings in mdns unit tests
      fix compiling TCP unit tests with IPv6 enabled
      minor: dhcp_network_changed(): assert for valid state, fix coding style
      Fixed bug #50090 (ast_unsent->oversize_left can become wrong value in 
tcp_write error path)
      Fixed bug #44032 (LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX: select might work on 
invalid/reused socket) by not allowing to reallocate a socket that has 
"select_waiting != 0"
      Clean up icmp6.c a bit after adding IPv6 scopes
      Provide a better way to include system's <errno.h> for errno + error 
numbers (LWIP_ERRNO_INCLUDE can't be defined to <errno.h> at least on GCC/linux)
      minor: move assert to a slightly better place
      Tiny speed/size improvement: don't check netconn_type twice on 
      LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX: fixed shutdown during write (bug #50274)
      Fixed bug #50231 (nd6: several option size related issues in Router 
Advertisement message processing)


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