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RE: [lwip-users] sys_timeout

From: Christiaan Simons
Subject: RE: [lwip-users] sys_timeout
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 09:25:15 +0100

Curt McDowell wrote:

> I see what you and Derek are getting at, with sys_timeout being used
> only by lwip and i/f threads.  But I still fail to see why it
> should be in src/core instead of cleanly separated, and implemented
> this way especially if it results in inelegant code and common
> misunderstandings.

Maybe it should go to lwip/src/api instead ??
BTW a file move will also break paths in makefiles.

> Suppose I want to implement timeouts using a hardware timer
> interrupt?  Or suppose I want them to be handled by a separate thread?
> Or suppose I want to implement them as a setitimer and SIGALRM?  I'm
> out of luck?

Yes, this is common for the raw-API case.

> Not to change the subject, but there is one NO_SYS violation where
> src/core makes use of sys_timeout, for the periodic
> ip_reass_timer() in ip_frag.c.  I regard that as a bug and solved it
> by adding an ip_tmr() function analogous to tcp_tmr(), to be
> called once per second from tcpip_timer():

I removed the sys_timeout() calls in ip_frag.c
to remove the dependency on sys.c...

> This new routine ipv4/ip.c:ip_tmr() then calls ipv4/ip_frag.c:
> ip_frag_tmr(), which replaces ip_reass_timer():

Why this wrapper function ip_tmr() ?

My intention was to call ip_reass_tmr()
directly from the tcpip timeout.

However, I found the sys_timeout() wasn't
periodically called for the unix port on an old 2.4 linux box.
It runs just fine on BSD. I wasn't able to trace origin of this

The work on src/api is work in (slow) progress.
IP reassembly and general performace improvements
have my priority now.


Christiaan Simons

Hardware Designer
Axon Digital Design


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