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[lwip-users] About the use of ethernetif_input

From: Jeffery Du
Subject: [lwip-users] About the use of ethernetif_input
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 20:21:49 +0800

hi all,

         As reminded by Kieran, I decided to change my receiving mechanism to 
make a single thread application. 
         Then I reviewed the original code of lwip1.1.0 again. Honestly, I 
didn't quite undestand the use of "ethernetif_input" in ethernetif.c when I 
researched this code for the first time. It was called nowhere. So I revised 
the rx mechanism by my method:
    deivce driver rx thread -> ethernetif_input -> ip_input/arp_input ...
    Then can anyone tell me how to use ethernetif_input properly?

Best regards
Jeffery Du

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