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Re: [lwip-users] Fixed and dynamic IP simultaneously

From: Leon Woestenberg
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Fixed and dynamic IP simultaneously
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 02:45:37 +0100
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Hello Jan,

Kindt, Jan wrote:

Is it possible to have the one ethernet controller have a fixed and a dynamic IP address. I’m running lwIP-0.7.1.

I started with this : (with ipaddr, netmask & gw set to 0)


netif_add(&netif, &ipaddr, &netmask, &gw, (*void**)dev_list_ptr, lan91c111if_init, ip_input);



This gives me an ip address from my dhcp server. I get ping replies from my device.

Then I added following lines.. (with ipaddr, netmast & gw set to the fixed addresses I want)

netif_add(&netif, &ipaddr, &netmask, &gw, (*void**)dev_list_ptr, lan91c111if_init, ip_input);

The DHCP client that was started is now unable to get a dynamic address and the fixed address doesn’t function also.

I’m sure that I’m doing things wrong. I just would like to have a pointer to where to search for a solution.

First of all 0.7.1 is reasonable old.

You are trying to create two Ethernet interfaces on one Ethernet device, right? This is not supported by lwIP, although it should be easy to add this functionality.


Leon Woestenberg.

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