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Re: [lwip-users] detect IP/UDP destination address

From: Kieran Mansley
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] detect IP/UDP destination address
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 10:30:56 +0000

On Mon, 2006-12-18 at 11:17 +0100, address@hidden wrote:

> Maybe I was a bit careless with my vocabulary if unicast/broadcast is
> only related to the ethernet layer.
> It's the destination adress at the IP-layer (not ethernet layer) I'm
> interested in.

Ahh, apologies, it was me who was confused!

So, you have the IP address of the sender, and you need the IP address
the packet was sent to so you can work out if that was a broadcast or
unicast?  I don't think the API supplies that at the moment.


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