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[lwip-users] Race condition with lwip_select (and potential fix)

From: Chris Deighton
Subject: [lwip-users] Race condition with lwip_select (and potential fix)
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 19:19:18 +0000
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Hi all,

I've been noticing occasional crashes within lwip when using select(). I think I've tracked the problem down to a race condition hidden in the interaction between lwip_select() and event_callback() (both in sockets.c).

The failure case is as follows:

User Thread: Calls lwip_select():
  - Creates a select_cb on the stack.
  - Creates select_cb.sem.
  - Takes selectsem.
    - Inserts the select_cb into select_cb_list.
  - Releases selectsem.
  - Waits for select_cb.sem to be signalled (or timeout to expire).

LwIP Thread: Data arrives, so calls event_callback():
  - Takes selectsem.
    - select_cb_list is examined and scb stores a pointer to the select_cb.
  - Releases selectsem.

User Thread: Timeout expires, so resumes execution of lwip_select():
  - Takes selectsem.
    - Removes the select_cb from select_cb_list.
  - Releases selectsem.
  - Frees select_cb.sem.

LwIP Thread: Resumes execution of event_callback():
  - Tries to signal scb->sem, but select_cb and/or sem no longer exist.

Based on the above analysis, the fix would appear to be to swap the order in which event_callback() signals the two semaphores. I've tried this and so far it appears to work. I'd appreciate any thoughts from other LwIP users though!



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