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[lwip-users] AW: Re: Driver interface related question

From: Goldschmidt Simon
Subject: [lwip-users] AW: Re: Driver interface related question
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 08:21:30 +0200

> and how can i use the receiving interrupt to enter a packet to the
> tcpip mailbox, without blocking the interrupt.

With SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT set to 1, you may allocate a PBUF_POOL from
interrupt context (provided you have a correct implementation for the
SYS_ARCH_PROTECT-like macros!) and the pass this packet to tcpip_input
(should be your netif->input function).

v1.2.0 has some problems with ARP in this context so you might want to
upgrade to something newer (CVS) to receive packets from interrupt
context. But be aware that CVS HEAD has many changes compared to 1.2.0!


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