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[lwip-users] MS-CHAP v2 with LwIP-PPP

From: Wilson, Clive
Subject: [lwip-users] MS-CHAP v2 with LwIP-PPP
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 02:24:11 -0500

Hello All,

I have been using LwIP for some time now, with the PPP network interface, and using the MD5-CHAP that comes with it. This works very well. Unfortunately, I expect I'm going to be forced before too long to modify the authentication from MD5-CHAP to MS-CHAP2. This is because the device that uses LwIP has to dial into a Windows remote access server. The last version of Windows Server to support MD5-CHAP was Win2k, and support for that product is being withdrawn shortly. Therefore the need the to upgrade my CHAP layer.

So the question is, has anyone implemented MS-CHAP v2 on LwIP and is prepared to share it? I understand LwIP contains the MS-CHAP v1 variant, but this is not tested and besides, if I'm forced to update then I would rather go the whole hog and adopt the latest version.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Clive Wilson

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