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[lwip-users] fixed IP and DCHP on the same net interface?

From: Piero 74
Subject: [lwip-users] fixed IP and DCHP on the same net interface?
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 10:10:11 +0100

Hi all

I tested a network camera, which seems work in this way:

it has a DHCP client inside, which starts on power on. But until an IP from DHCP server is available, it answers on fixed ip (i.e.

Can i do the same using lwip?

I tried to bring up an interface with fixed IP and after start DHCP, but it doesn't work: i didn't receive a new ip address from DHCP server.

I saw DHCP traffic using wireshark: in normal situation, DHCP client sends packet from to broadcast, and the server answers, in my situation i have DHCP request from to broadcast...
i suppose this could be the problem

Any idea??


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