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[lwip-users] DHCP discovery

From: Baptiste Chaboud-crousaz
Subject: [lwip-users] DHCP discovery
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 11:00:17 +0200
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Hi all,

My firmware is made of a bootloader and an application. Only one is running at a time but both start by initializing the lwip stack and launching a DHCP discovery in order to get an IP address.

In the case of my application is running an IP address is assigned to my application. Then, it is possible to jump from my application to my bootloader. The bootloader will re-inits the lwip stack and calls DHCP for an IP address: when I sniff my network, I see that the bootloader sends a DHCP discovery. My problem is that I want that my bootloader keeps the same IP address that was assigned to my application. My understanding of the DHCP protocol is that a DHCP client can propose an IP address to the DHCP server; in this case, the DHCP client has to send a DHCP request instead of a DHCP discovery. Does lwip support this feature? How? How should I do to keep the same IP address for my application and bootloader?



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