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[lwip-users] Weird problems with CGI's and SSI

From: Daniel Berenguer
Subject: [lwip-users] Weird problems with CGI's and SSI
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 18:56:29 +0100

Hi, I want to expose two different problems that are maybe related between them:

With INCLUDE_HTTPD_CGI defined and INCLUDE_HTTPD_SSI undefined, my CGI
handlers are correctly called but, whenever I open a plain html page
with images, the http server freezes. This doesn't happen with html
pages with no references to images.I've tried setting absolute paths
to images but this doesn't solve the problem. It seems that I can't
display images with CGI's enabled.

With both INCLUDE_HTTPD_CGI and INCLUDE_HTTPD_SSI defined, I'm only
able to open any page (plain html, CGI or SSI) once. Then the http
server freezes.

The weird issue with the above problems is that the web server freezes
even when no CGI or SSI is called so I'm thinking that the problem
could be in httpd. I'm running a variant of an example from Luminary
micro. The CGI and SSI handlers are declared as follows:

static const tCGI g_psConfigCGIURIs[] =


    { "/iocontrol.cgi", ControlCGIHandler },      // CGI_INDEX_CONTROL

    { "/settxt.cgi", SetTextCGIHandler }          // CGI_INDEX_TEXT


http_set_ssi_handler(SSIHandler, g_pcConfigSSITags, NUM_CONFIG_SSI_TAGS);

http_set_cgi_handlers(g_psConfigCGIURIs, NUM_CONFIG_CGI_URIS);

Well, I'm quite lost with this so any help is welcome.

Thanks again,


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