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[lwip-users] BSD socket communication with FreeRTOS

From: Wonjae Kim
Subject: [lwip-users] BSD socket communication with FreeRTOS
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 15:58:10 +0900

I'm developing BSD socket UDP, TCP communication with FreeRTOS now. I tested raw UDP, TCP without FreeRTOS in my system already and it works well. But it doesn't work with RTOS. I reffered a few demo project offered by FreeRTOS. sys_arch.c is also reffered it. I'm using lwIP 1.4.1. ping works well.

1) It can sends UDP data, I can check the packets. But it cannot receive any data. It goes to line 366 in api_lib.c
(sys_arch_mbox_fetch(&conn->recvmbox, &buf, conn->recv_timeout) == SYS_ARCH_TIMEOUT)
then the thread is closed..

2) TCP has another problem. I check some packets using Wireshark, there are few packets between my system and PC. I can see the 3 way handshake.. But the next packet has 'RST' it sent from my system..

Please let me know check point to solve these problems.

Thank you

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