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[lwip-users] No case for IPv6 in ethernet_input()

From: mfkexpress
Subject: [lwip-users] No case for IPv6 in ethernet_input()
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 00:22:26 -0700 (MST)


I think there is a bug in ethernet_input(). Because if there is etherent IP6
packet, then it should first go to ethernet_input() through tcpip_thread()
and than after ip6_input() mshould be called.

But there is no provision for ip6 packet. Only ip_input() is there. I
implemented something as follows in ethernet_input() function in my project:
           #if LWIP_IPV6
           case PP_HTONS(ETHTYPE_IPV6):
        /* skip Ethernet header */
             if(pbuf_header(p, -ip_hdr_offset)) {
                LWIP_ASSERT("Can't move over header in packet", 0);
                goto free_and_return;
            else {
            /* pass to IP6 layer */
            ip6_input(p, netif);
           #endif /* LWIP_IPV6 */

Before adding this, my ip6 packets were not processed.

Thanks & Regards,

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