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[lwip-users] forwarding and NAT

From: Marleen Vos
Subject: [lwip-users] forwarding and NAT
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2015 13:48:51 +0100
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I was looking around to see if lwip supports forwarding from PPP (serial) to Ethernet (in both directions), and if NAT was possible.

I do not find much information, except a thread on forwarding:
This thread seems to indicate someone got it working, but I'm not sure if any patch has been comitted for this to actually work without manual patching.

On NAT, I find the following thread, but nowhere a conclusion saying things are now supported or work:

Can anyone confirm if
- forwarding between serial and ethernet works (in both directions)?
- NAT is possible and works?

Thanks for your time,

Marleen Vos
Embedded Software Engineer
Bausch Datacom NV
Tiensesteenweg 54-56
B-3360 Korbeek-Lo
tel. +32 16 461288
fax. +32 16 463151

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