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LYNX-DEV Organization of -help output

From: Mike Brown
Subject: LYNX-DEV Organization of -help output
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 10:07:13 -0800 (PST)

I'm toying with the 'lynx -help' output.  The list of command-line options
is quite long and could use some better organization.  How do people feel
about the list looking more like the example below?  Any suggestions?


USAGE: lynx [options] [file or URL]

Options are as follows:

    -                receive the arguments from stdin (enclose
                     in double-quotes ("-") on VMS)
    -book            use the bookmark page as the startfile
    -cache=NUMBER    NUMBER of documents cached in memory (default is 15)
    -cfg=FILENAME    specifies a lynx.cfg file other than the default
    -crawl           with -traversal, output each page to a file
                     with -dump, format output as with -traversal, but to stdout
    -display=DISPLAY set the display variable for X execed programs
    -dump            dump the first file to stdout and exit
    -error_file=FILE write the HTTP status code into FILE
    -force_html      forces the first document to be interpreted as HTML
    -head            send a HEAD request only
    -help            print this usage message
    -homepage=URL    set homepage separate from start page
    -index=URL       set the default index file to URL
    -link=NUMBER     starting count for lnk#.dat files produced by -crawl
    -mime_header     include mime headers and force source dump
    -nofilereferer   disable transmissions of Referer headers for file URLs
    -nofrom          disable transmissions of From headers
    -nolog           disable mailing of error messages to document owners
    -nopause         disable forced pauses for statusline messages
    -noredir         don't follow Location: redirection
    -noreferer       disable transmissions of Referer headers
    -nostatus        disable the miscellaneous information messages
    -post_data       user data for post forms, read from stdin,
                     terminated by '---' on a line
    -reload          flushes the cache on a proxy server
                     (only the first document affected)
    -source          dump the source of the first file to stdout and exit
    -term=TERM       set terminal type to TERM
    -trace           turns on WWW trace mode
    -traversal       traverse all http links derived from startfile
    -version         print Lynx version information

    -anonymous       invoke with anonymous account restrictions
    -ftp             disable ftp access
    -localhost       disable URLs that point to remote hosts
    -nobrowse        disable directory browsing
    -noprint         disable print functions
    -print           enable print functions (DEFAULT)
    -realm           restricts access to URLs in the starting realm
    -restrictions=[options]  use -restrictions to see list
    -rlogin          disable rlogins
    -selective       require .www_browsable files to browse directories
    -startfile_ok    allow non-http startfile and homepage with -validate
    -telnet          disable telnets
    -validate        accept only http URLs (for validation)

    -auth=id:pw      authentication information for protected forms
    -base            prepend a request URL comment and BASE tag to text/html
                     outputs for -source or -mime_header dumps
    -get_data        user data for get forms, read from stdin,
                     terminated by '---' on a line
    -historical      toggles use of '>' or '-->' as a terminator for comments
    -image_links     toggles inclusion of links for all images
    -minimal         toggles minimal versus valid comment parsing
    -nolist          disable the link list feature in dumps
    -number_links    force numbering of links
    -popup           toggles handling of single-choice SELECT options via
                     popup windows or as lists of radio buttons
    -pseudo_inlines  toggles pseudo-ALTs for inlines with no ALT string
    -soft_dquotes    toggles emulation of the old Netscape and Mosaic bug which
                     treated '>' as a co-terminator for double-quotes and tags
    -underscore      toggles use of _underline_ format in dumps

    -case            enable case sensitive user searching
    -buried_news     toggles scanning of news articles for buried references
    -child           exit on left-arrow in startfile, and disable save to disk
    -cookies         toggles handling of Set-Cookie headers
    -editor=EDITOR   enable edit mode with specified editor
    -emacskeys       enable emacs-like key movement
    -enable_scrollback  toggles compatibility with comm programs' scrollback
                        keys (may be incompatible with some curses packages)
    -fileversions    include all versions of files in local VMS directory
    -newschunksize=NUMBER  number of articles in chunked news listings
    -newsmaxchunk=NUMBER   maximum news articles in listings before chunking
    -raw             toggles default setting of 8-bit character translations
                     or CJK mode for the startup character set
    -resubmit_posts  toggles forced resubmissions (no-cache) of forms with
                     method POST when the documents they returned are sought
                     with the PREV_DOC command or from the History List
    -show_cursor     toggles hiding of the cursor in the lower right corner
    -vikeys          enable vi-like key movement

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