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LYNX-DEV Permission mode change of bookmarks

From: Paul Gilmartin
Subject: LYNX-DEV Permission mode change of bookmarks
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 23:09:10 -0700 (MST)

In nyx.misc Randy Levine <address@hidden> wrote:
: >
: >:    Now, if lynx would just preserve the permissions when a link is
: >: Removed....  (Sure, I could put a chmod in my lynx alias or my .logout
: >: file, but it would be nice if lynx took care of it.)

:    I start with:

: -rw-r--r--  1 rmlevine     2221 Feb 28 22:51 bookmarks.html

:    Then I go into lynx, delete a bookmark link ("r"), and I end up with: 

: -rw-------  1 rmlevine     2162 Feb 28 22:53 bookmarks.html

:    Permissions are preserved when adding links; the problem only occurs
: when deleting them.  This is not new to this version -- the same thing
: happens with previous versions.

Hmmm.  This has something to do with setting of umask.  Mine is set to
022.  I was able to reproduce the problem intermittently with umask 066.
Is your umask 066?

But it's not consistent.  _sometimes_ the mode is preserved.  Has
anyone on the Lynx list observed this?  Can someone share some
understanding?  I put some trace printouts in LYBookmarks.c and
the "problem" vanished!


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