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LYNX-DEV Typos in Lynx links

Subject: LYNX-DEV Typos in Lynx links
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 97 22:09:00 +0800

Hi !

I was just browinsg around Subir's "Lynx links" and happened to come
across the following errors...

Linkname: Lynx Development     URL:
Owner(s): mailto:address@hidden    size: 52 lines    mode: normal
"A crude LYNX tutorial is a guide to using Lynx that compliments the"
Shouldn't this be "complements" ?

Linkname: Patches and plugins for Lynx     URL: mailto:address@hidden    
size: 121 lines
"+ Thomas Zerucha's http proxy
  is capale of pre-processing HTML, among other things making"
Capable ?

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