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From: Robert Benites
Subject: LYNX-DEV freeWAIS 0.5
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 08:57:45 -0500

I recently downloaded lynx 2-7 and was trying to build it under
Digital UNIX 4.0A. I was trying to add direct WAIS support. Per the
instructions, I downloaded freeWAIS from I had done this in the
past without problems.

This time, however, when I tried to compile freeWAIS-0.5 I had
errors. I contacted support for assistance and here's their

>> I'm trying to compile the subject version of freeWAIS-0.5 under
>> Digital UNIX 4.0A, with gcc version I received the errors
>> included at the bottom of this message during a compile of swais.c.

> I don't really have any suggestions to offer. We no longer support
> freeWAIS - it has been replaced by Isite, which is supported.  You
> might want to take a look at it instead - see

> I will say that the compilation problem you're having appears to be
> related to the curses library.  I wonder how good the port of curses
> to the Alpha is?

I looked at Isite and it appears what a build would generate is not
compatible with lynx's requirements for direct WAIS support.

Has anyone else solved the problem compiling freeWAIS under Digital
UNIX 4.0A?

Are there plans to support Isite in lynx as a replacement for


-- bb
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