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LYNX-DEV autoconfig changes for SCO OpenServer

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: LYNX-DEV autoconfig changes for SCO OpenServer
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 11:24:41 -0800

Ok, now that I have a minute...

This is what I had to change to get lynx2-7_auto to build on SCO
OpenServer Release 5.0.0.

First, I preloaded config.cache with two lines --


gethostname() and gethostbyname() were not found because they are in
libsocket, which isn't added to $LIBS until later in the script.
Rearrange that and it should Just Work.  The question configure should
be asking is, early, "do I generally need libsocket to get all sorts of
networking-related functions?" -- not just for socket().

Second, in configure itself, I removed the "-R" flag from $LIBS.  The
code was going through a "Solaris 5.x" path.  Whatever that flag does,
it doesn't apply to all OSes that have /usr/ccs/lib; need a different
way to test this.  (I don't know how.)

Third, I used a makefile target that was a copy of the linux target,
with -DSCO -DMMDF rather than -DLINUX.

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