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Re: lynx-dev May 4th subscription instructions

From: Howard Kaikow
Subject: Re: lynx-dev May 4th subscription instructions
Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 06:38:42 -0400

I saw no evidence that the lynx-announce was shot down, quite the contrary.

The only open issues I thought were:

1. Should there be a separate lynx-browsers for users.

Note that in the few months I've monitored lynx-dev, I've seen little input
from REAL users, almost entirely from developer types.

Most users get turned off by receiving postings from a list such as
lynx-dev. If developers want to increase user input, there needs to be a
separate users list, users just are not going to regularly post to lynx-dev.

2. Whether any of the lists should be gatewayed to a newsgroup.

If there are separate lists for lynx-dev, lynx-announce and lynx-browsers,
only the last needs to be gatewayed to a newsgroup, but the first should be

At 03:33 AM 5/4/1998 -0500, Bob Izenberg wrote:
>At 05:04 PM 5/2/98 -0700, Heather Stern wrote:
>#> Will there be a separate announce list?
>#      Barely considered, that means probably not.
>I'm just catching up on a week's worth of e-mail.  Did
>one or more of the Elves shoot this down?  What they
>say is good enough for me, but I've got an open mind
>(meaning "no opinion, either way.")
>#What you didn't ask, but neither did anyone else, was: 
>#      will there be a digest version of the list?
>This would make sense.  When the Gift of More Time arrives
>this week, a slice could be used to set up a digest.

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