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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.1pre.9

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.1pre.9
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 17:53:29 +0900 (JST)

> >> (2) there's a very misleading description of Forms Options 
> >>     in INSTALLATION, `configure' & `configure -help': 
> >>     ` --enable-forms-options ' means ` --disable-forms-menu ',
>    MEA CVLPA : should be `options'                  ^^^^^
> >>     ie if you want BOTH you should OMIT this item from configure, 
> >>     when you can toggle between them via  lynx.cfg  & command-line; 
> >>     if you INCLUDE this item in configure, you CAN'T toggle. 
> >>     surely the name of this configure switch should be changed? 
> > come up with a short name for the option that's mnemonic enough
> > to make everyone figure out what the reverse logic would mean.
> > The logic works either way: someone needs to figure out how to explain it

Are we talking about:

  --enable-forms-options                (define EXP_FORMS_OPTIONS)
        Use forms-based options screen only.
        Please note that a few users with broken curses may have problems
        with popup forms fields.  (The default behaviour is to compile
        both styles options menu code with FORMS_OPTIONS switch in lynx.cfg
        as well as -forms_options command line toggle).

Would something like the following be acceptable:

  --disable-old-options-menu            (define EXP_FORMS_OPTIONS)
        Use forms-based options menu exclusively.  Support for the original
        single page, pop-up-style option menu will not be compiled in.  (The
        default behaviour is to compile code for both styles of option menu,
        and offer a FORMS_OPTIONS switch in lynx.cfg, and -forms_options
        command line toggle).

I'm fighting to keep this option, if possible, until 1) it is proven that
the new forms-based method is absolutely safe for anonymous mode, and 2)
a key is implemented to go to the previous field, i.e., a key which moves
the cursor in the opposite direction as the [TAB] key.  With the Fujitsu
FMR70 and telnet which will run on it, there is no way to go back up the
form option menu should you change your mind.  Filling out forms on these
machines remains one of the most challenging problems facing my students,
and it would be a nightmare to have to teach them how to use the new option
menu (despite my own personal preference).  When these two are done, then
the old style menu can be removed completely and this configure option
becomes obsolete.

I do believe the presently-implemented command line toggle is overkill.

> someone like NHE with physical machine constraints?

Thanks for the understanding.

> shouldn't we be preparing to abolish the [old-style] menu with 2-8-2 ?

No particular arguement here.  See above for the two problems I see with
removing the old code at this time.


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