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Re: lynx-dev lynx whith a special configuration

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx whith a special configuration
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 08:43:29 +0300 (MSK)

>      * From: Nelson Henry Eric <address@hidden>
>> Some features should be disabled and an new feature would be nice.

> You're not the only one. :-)  I know of no c programmer who is interested
> in drastically reducing the size of Lynx (which is what we are talking
> about, i.e., getting the image down to <400 Kb).

Try using executable packers:
with DOS port I now have 513K size, while it was about 2M before.
and a higher optimization level: on DOS, -O3 gives 1.1M
but no optimization leads to 2.1M executable (no significant
difference if using packers, though).

> I'm working on it, but progress is SNAIL SLOW, so don't hold your breath.
> One thing, PLEASE, if you do anything at all along these lines, do inform
> address@hidden, or at least me personally.  I'll add it to my references
> to the LYNX_LITE (Thanks, Al) project.

>> - the browser has to start with a special URL and
>>   the user is not allowed to other stuff than to

> My plan here is to remove all support for lynx.cfg and .lynxrc.  Everything
> must be compiled in (no one except a compiler/installer with a special
> purpose will be fooling around with LYNX_LITE).

>> - No nntp, no gopher or other stuff.

> Last I tried you could simply not link in LYNews and LYMail without
> having to change the code for a slight size reduction.  Other
> protocols can be cut out similarly, but that does require a fair
> amount of modification to the code in some cases.

> If you have significant coding skills, try to remove LYTraversal.

>> Are threre any hints how to do the specials - so we can do it?
>> Any other hints?

> First, turn off all the extras you can (DIRED, LYNX_CGI, etc.)

> The chartrans code nearly doubles the size of Lynx from what it was
> before.  Pulling that back out would be nearly impossible.  Maybe
> you're DonQuixote? :-)  You can fairly easily tweak the Makefile
No, not in makefile. You can just not include few chartrans tables
in UCDomap.c, read chrtrans/
The effect not so impressive: UCDomap.o hold all tables
and have a size of 260K but only 78K if packed.
You can safely exclude long "mnemonics" tables,
and probably all DOS cpXXX tables if you don't expect users with
such display charset (but leave windows-XXXX, lots of such pages around).
This may gain about 150K or 30K compressed.
Other chartrans code heavily build-in.
Exclude old-style options menu.

> in src/chrtrans for rather significant gains, however.  If you do
> this, would you pass your patch by the list, please.

> Reduce the size of your buffers (see userdefs.h, MAXHIST and MAXLINKS).
> __Henry

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