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Re: [GMG-Devel] website redesign: request for feedback

From: Jef van Schendel
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] website redesign: request for feedback
Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 21:04:02 +0200

Hi Karen! Thanks for the comments, I'll try and clarify a few things.

Tagline under the mediagoblin header is good. I'd make it bigger (it's
the only explanatory text above the fold)!

Yeah, I could make it a little bigger. I'm glad you like it, but do you think it's descriptive enough? 
OMG direct links to the bugtracker / repo YES! Digging around the wiki
every time I want to find those has been a pain--and I already know
what I'm looking for! And it makes sense to put them with the get
involved / community stuff. Maybe try switching them so they appear
after the "get involved" button? Then the "community" and "mediagoblin
is" headers would be inline.

Those links are already on, actually!

I think putting the links below the "Get involved" button would make sense, yes. I'm wondering if it would be a big deal if they disappeared below the fold, though - they're meant to be accessed quickly, so it'd be ideal if you didn't need to scroll to get there.

That's a minor thing though, maybe I can find a nice solution for that.
We might also want to put those links (and any others we consider big
enough to put in the nav) in a footer nav before the licensing info,
since that's a place people customarily look for menus.

Speaking of which, it might be good to look at what kind of links they really are. Some are meant for people involved in the project, some are meant to inform outsiders. If they are meant for different audiences, we could split them up.

Also: which ones still need to be added? Documentation maybe?
I'm not sure about the bullet avatars (the purple circles). Or is that
a placeholder for something else? Little goblin heads?

Those are the last things I added to the mockup.

- I wanted to try out adding some purple. They may as well be gone, or replaced by another color, in the next mockup, I just wanted to try it out. :)
- They're meant to be icons that relate to the text next to it, so the idea is that they would all look different (unlike now).
- At first I didn't have any images there at all, but that made it look like a big wall of text. On the other hand, adding meaningless icons as decoration also isn't the best idea. I'm not sure what I want to do here. I can put out another mockups without them, though, to show what it looks like. 
The subheaders under "The whole shebang" flow into the text they're
supposed to head -- the bold doesn't distinguish them enough. Maybe
make them bolder (if possible) or bigger. Or even adding a little
space between "Displaying media" et al and the first item would help.

I agree. A little space is the least we can do there. I also thought of adding bullet points to the items, but was worried that it might cause too much clutter.


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