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[GMG-Devel] Plugins plans

From: Tumulte Dogma
Subject: [GMG-Devel] Plugins plans
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 11:22:25 +0100

Hey !

I'm currently working on some plugins, and it seems that I keep asking
for features that doesn't exist or that are not documented. Therefore
paroneayea asked me to make a list of what I'm planning to do so he can
have an idea of what to add to plugins (while I can have an idea of how
to make them the MG way !)

So here you go :

- Adding informations to medias. Namely, genre, composer, musicians...
But it doesn't really matter. It's easy to add fields to the submit
form... but there's no views to treat the collected data of the new
forms (should be possible to extend/override views in the plugins)

        - Important : I want to be able to add fields using several
        plugins. For instance, the "Genre" plugin can be useful for
        others, so I'll make a specific plugin for it. On the other
        hand, we have specific fields that are for us only... I think
        template hooks are good when you want to extend a feature (e.g.
        the submit form) instead of overriding them. We should have
        hooks cleverly placed and a list of them.

- Multi upload : (in progress) not much to say, except  for the need to
add several javascripts. Now, we need to override the head... And I
think it's rather tedious. I opted for a manual list in mediagoblin.ini.

- Album view : It uses the colection system but it's called "Album". The
main difference is that you can play files in a playlist rather than one
after the other.

-Play all : as an extension of the previous line : I'll add the ability
to play all audio files of a user from the user's page. 

- Users group (?) : Don't know how to call it, but basically, it comes
from the need to have labels that'd manage several artists (users).
Basically it means that a user can create "sub-users". His page will
display all sub-users' collections and medias.  The owner of the user
group will be optionally allowed to add/edit/remove medias for users of
his group.
Aside from my personal need, I think that'd be awesome for people who
have multiple activities and want to order them. For instance, Bobby
would be allowed to create : Bobby-photos, Bobby-Music,

And there's more : 
For now, having the DB set right is my priority (cause it's the most
tedious thing to change afterward), the first point is the most 
However, soon enough I'll have to build a page to summarize and organize
user's medias (genres, tags, location...) so I'm gonna have to access
user medias and display them. After that I'll have to build an API so
people can embed albums and such elsewhere...

Annnnd, that's all for today. 

Looking forward to your feedbacks,



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