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Re: [GMG-Devel] Plugins plans

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Plugins plans
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2013 15:55:22 -0600
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I don't think this should be the standard way to configure things, but I
think this would be a reasonable plugin, and is very feasible to do.

Tumulte Dogma writes:

> About that css/js list...
> Here what I suggest, now you tell me how it can fit you plans/be a nice
> extension to them/be completly useless/be counter intuitive.
> (note that I completly agree with the design that put every thing a
> plugin needs within a plugin)
> as an addition to my js/css system, to prevent the fact it's called
> everywhere, I wanted to add the path as the key.
> For instance : "/submit = '''
>                          truc.css
>                           '''
> You just have to check current url and pass the matching keys as a
> context.
> If you want a way to add and order css and js simply... this is it. Is
> it usefull ? You tell me. Can it be a plugin instead of a core stuff ?
> Yes, most definitly.
> I can call that "static_tweaker", and it'll override the base.html to
> allow someone to have exactly the files he want. It can be useful for
> the guy who just want to change the CSS, the people who want to do ultra
> complex CSS/JS work, or people who have compatibility issues.
> Le jeudi 07 février 2013 à 16:59 -0600, Christopher Allan Webber a
> écrit :
>> Heya Tumulte,
>> Thanks very much for this email.  I've been wanting to extend things to
>> properly handle plugins, but really we honestly needed a good list of
>> use cases to properly think it through.  So this is helpful!  I'll make
>> some comments inline on how I think we can do things and what needs to
>> be done still.
>> Tumulte Dogma writes:
>> > Hey !
>> >
>> > I'm currently working on some plugins, and it seems that I keep asking
>> > for features that doesn't exist or that are not documented. Therefore
>> > paroneayea asked me to make a list of what I'm planning to do so he can
>> > have an idea of what to add to plugins (while I can have an idea of how
>> > to make them the MG way !)
>> >
>> > So here you go :
>> >
>> > - Adding informations to medias. Namely, genre, composer, musicians...
>> > But it doesn't really matter. It's easy to add fields to the submit
>> > form... but there's no views to treat the collected data of the new
>> > forms (should be possible to extend/override views in the plugins)
>> >
>> >         - Important : I want to be able to add fields using several
>> >         plugins. For instance, the "Genre" plugin can be useful for
>> >         others, so I'll make a specific plugin for it. On the other
>> >         hand, we have specific fields that are for us only... I think
>> >         template hooks are good when you want to extend a feature (e.g.
>> >         the submit form) instead of overriding them. We should have
>> >         hooks cleverly placed and a list of them.
>> So yeah, this is a good point.  You've got two requests here: Adding new
>> fields to a form, and handling processing them and doing things with
>> them.  Let's handle these both in turn.
>> Adding fields to a form
>> -----------------------
>> So, there are two ways to add fields to a form: you can just tack them
>> in the template underneath the form rendering manually as actual html
>> <input /> elements, or you can add them to the form object via WTForms.
>> Adding to WTForms is the ideal case.  If we could somehow attach fields
>> to the form, then that would be useful both for display as well as
>> validation and cleaning of submitted input.  (If validation is taken
>> care of here, it also allows us to skip another step...)
>> The problem is that if I remember correctly, this isn't easy.  The class
>> style API WTForms uses means that there's something complicated about
>> it, like you have to use metaclassing or etc.  But it would be good to
>> provide a generic method of updating forms...?
>> Other downside: you can't control the order of things tacked onto the
>> form, though that's true for any of the template_hook stuff we have
>> also.  (You can control it a little by affecting the order of which
>> plugin is loaded when.)  I don't know any clean solution to this, though
>> there might be one.  In the meanwhile I'm not horribly worried about it.
>> (The "controlling ordering" issue will come up multiple times in this
>> thread, and my attitude for now is mostly going to be the same thing.)
>> There might also be a question of "well what if you want to remove a
>> field entirely?"  That seems really tricky, so I don't know how to deal
>> with that.  I think in such a case you might have to override a view
>> entirely.
>> Doing stuff with form data
>> --------------------------
>> Okay, so you have your form data.  Now you want to do something extra
>> with it!
>> I think the callback hooks we have in the pluginapi should actually work
>> here.  If we iterate through a list of functions and pass in the request
>> and processed form, that should probably be good.
>> One question: what to do if a plugin runs into something they need to
>> inform the above function is a serious error?  The one thing I can think
>> of is maybe to throw an exception.  Other than that, not sure.
>> > - Multi upload : (in progress) not much to say, except  for the need to
>> > add several javascripts. Now, we need to override the head... And I
>> > think it's rather tedious. I opted for a manual list in mediagoblin.ini.
>> So you're right that overriding the head is not great.  However, I think
>> maybe the way that the new template hook approach works is good.  In
>> fact, this is now used by the new geolocation plugin, and I think it's
>> great.
>> There's a new hook, so in the "image" media type template, you see that
>> the head is extended:
>> >From mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/media_displays/image.html:
>> ===============
>> {% extends 'mediagoblin/user_pages/media.html' %}
>> {% block mediagoblin_head %}
>>   {{ super() }}
>>   {% template_hook("image_extrahead") %}
>> {% endblock mediagoblin_head %}
>> ===============
>> Note that if you look at base.html, you see this is putting things in
>> the head.
>> Then, in the plugin setup sets up a page that allows for setting up
>> extra javascript:
>> >From mediagoblin/plugins/geolocation/
>> ===============
>> def setup_plugin():
>>     # Register the template path.
>>     pluginapi.register_template_path(os.path.join(PLUGIN_DIR, 'templates'))
>>     pluginapi.register_template_hooks(
>>         {"image_sideinfo": "mediagoblin/plugins/geolocation/map.html",
>>          "image_extrahead": 
>> "mediagoblin/plugins/geolocation/map_js_head.html"})
>> ===============
>> Note the image_extrahead template hook being registered; this says to
>> lead map_js_head, which puts things in the head.
>> So let's look at that template:
>> >From 
>> >mediagoblin/plugins/geolocation/templates/mediagoblin/plugins/geolocation/map_js_head.html
>> (Yes, I know, owch!  That's a long path.)
>> ===============
>> <link rel="stylesheet"
>>       href="{{ request.staticdirect('/extlib/leaflet/leaflet.css') }}" />
>> <script type="text/javascript"
>>         src="{{ request.staticdirect('/extlib/leaflet/leaflet.js') 
>> }}"></script>
>> <script type="text/javascript"
>>         src="{{ request.staticdirect('/js/geolocation-map.js') }}"></script>
>> =====================
>> And so, the plugin's stuff is put at the top on here.
>> So this is maybe a bit of work, but the reason I like this better than
>> putting it in the config file is several things:
>>  - It makes use of the mechanisms we have for templating, and I really
>>    want to advocate using template things for template things.
>>  - It makes it so that this shows up *only* on the image page!  The
>>    leaflet css and js files don't need to show up on every page... by
>>    using the template mechanisms we have, we can take advantage of this
>>    kind of granularity without a lot of work.
>> I don't really like the config approach as much because it doesn't allow
>> for this granularity (at least not without reproducing a lot of the
>> above) and it means that you have to ask users to add lines manually to
>> a section of a config file every time they install a plugin.. that's not
>> helpful, and means they're stuck if the plugin gets upgraded.
>> > - Album view : It uses the colection system but it's called "Album". The
>> > main difference is that you can play files in a playlist rather than one
>> > after the other.
>> Sounds super useful!  I think this should already be possible since
>> you're able to add new views mapped to urls.
>> > -Play all : as an extension of the previous line : I'll add the ability
>> > to play all audio files of a user from the user's page. 
>> Cool!  Likewise I assume this is possible with what we have?
>> > - Users group (?) : Don't know how to call it, but basically, it comes
>> > from the need to have labels that'd manage several artists (users).
>> > Basically it means that a user can create "sub-users". His page will
>> > display all sub-users' collections and medias.  The owner of the user
>> > group will be optionally allowed to add/edit/remove medias for users of
>> > his group.
>> > Aside from my personal need, I think that'd be awesome for people who
>> > have multiple activities and want to order them. For instance, Bobby
>> > would be allowed to create : Bobby-photos, Bobby-Music,
>> > Bobby-patato-soup-modeling. 
>> Ah okay... so that's interesting.  I assume this is possible, though it
>> does raise a lot of complicated questions about user management.
>> I'd like to understand better what "sub-users" means.
>> I assume you still need some extensions to the way logins/authentication
>> work.... that's the one thing I think is clear, and that we want to
>> handle already.
>> > And there's more : 
>> > For now, having the DB set right is my priority (cause it's the most
>> > tedious thing to change afterward), the first point is the most 
>> > important.
>> > However, soon enough I'll have to build a page to summarize and organize
>> > user's medias (genres, tags, location...) so I'm gonna have to access
>> > user medias and display them. After that I'll have to build an API so
>> > people can embed albums and such elsewhere...
>> I still think such pages are possible under the systems we have now.
>> > Annnnd, that's all for today. 
>> >
>> > Looking forward to your feedbacks,
>> >
>> > cheers,
>> >
>> > E.:.T 
>> Great!  And I'm going to try to transform this and other bits into a
>> document tomorrow related to plugins plans.
>>  - Chris

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