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Re: [GMG-Devel] doubts: CMS instead of mediagoblin?

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] doubts: CMS instead of mediagoblin?
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 12:37:28 -0500
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Hiya Thomas,

It's definitely true that there's a CMS overlap... in fact, I think
almost every web application has a CMS overlap.  In my experience,
CMS'es try to do everything and thus end up in an uncanny valley of
features in a lot of areas when you try to use them for more than
general site structure.  But YMMV? :)

I think there are some things about MediaGoblin that I don't think you
get generally with a CMS:
 - The processing framework is the biggest one, and especially the
   ability to pass off processing to another process.  For example,
   uploading a video and having it transcoded separately, uploading an
   ODT file and having it converted to PDF and viewed inline with
   pdf.js, extracting geolocation information from images
 - A user experience that's very *tailored* for the experience of
   browsing and viewing media.
 - Aiming for federation

There's definitely things that MediaGoblin has a ways to go in.  But
this is also partly because we are very carefully implementing towards a
specific vision and internal architecture.

You can probably say the same thing of a CMS for all use cases: why not
use it as a facebook replacement?  You probably could.  I still think it
would hit the uncanny valley situation though :)

But maybe those things are not important to you.  It might be that a CMS
is what's best for you.  Use what you need!

 - Chris

Thomas Koch writes:

> Hi,
> I've taken only a brief look in the code and demo installation of mediagoblin 
> and this made me think: The features that I'm missing from mediagoblin at the 
> moment are all provided by most decent CMSs out there:
> - Private collections / Sharing only with groups
> - Different upload facilities (WebDAV, FTP, multi-upload forms)
> - Comments
> On the other hand, mediagoblin aims in the direction of becoming a content 
> management system for a broad variety of media types, not only pictures. So 
> I'm wondering whether the project isn't wasting a lot of effort only to end 
> up 
> as another CMS with a slight optimization towards media.
> Am I wrong?
> Thomas Koch,
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