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[GMG-Devel] Mediagoblin on Fedora 20 with Apache and fastcgi and/or fcgi

From: Danfox Davies
Subject: [GMG-Devel] Mediagoblin on Fedora 20 with Apache and fastcgi and/or fcgi
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2014 11:37:16 +0100
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Re: Mediagoblin on Fedora 20 with Apache and fastcgi and/or fcgi

I have tried to get my Mediagoblin install to behave on my home server
without any luck for weeks now. I have exhausted the knowledge of at
least three IRC-dwelling devs and still seem unable to get Mediagoblin
fully functional. When I tried with nginx, I had everything working
except the displaying of images, which stubbornly refused to work. I
tried with Apache, and got various HTTP errors eventually culminating
in a very stubborn 500 Internal Server Error which all who I have
asked so far seem to think is permissions related, as the error logs

The site is at and the URL and DNS
stuff (and some other parts of are all hosted
externally, but do point at the server as was proven when using nginx.

I include here links to the httpd.conf, mg.fcgi and httpd error log. - httpd.conf - mg.fcgi - httpd error log

I do not know if all dependencies are fulfilled as it is not made
clear in the documentation. I am the first to admit I am a bit of a
n00b, but tell me to RTFM (without first editing it heavily) and I
will scream, TFM is not Fing clear enough or even complete,
particularly with regard to RPM-based distros and fastcgi or fcgi. Yes
I will contribute to TFM if I ever get to TFing bottom of this and
have a working install the means to the obtainment of which I am
sufficiently capable of getting my head round (and that is a big caveat).

We have already tried: (LONG chat log from IRC)
and also several other things in 2 other chats I failed to copy the
text from.

I really want to migrate off DeviantArt and other external image
hosts. Your help will be most appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Danfox Davies
Vulpine Designs Unlimited
Freedom of Form: a product of community spirit.
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