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Re: [GMG-Devel] Gitorious aquired by Gitlab

From: Laura Arjona Reina
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Gitorious aquired by Gitlab
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2015 00:55:24 +0200
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Hi Boris

El 12/04/15 a las 16:23, Boris Bobrov escribió:
> On Sunday 12 April 2015 09:16:09 Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
>> Jim Campbell writes:
>>> This "What are we switching to?" topic was up for discussion at the
>>> meeting last Saturday. I wasn't able to attend the meeting, though. Was
>>> any kind of decision made?
>>> I agree with ayleph that it would be good to get this resolved soon. It
>>> is a not very exciting feeling to have my ready-to-contribute-to-GMG
>>> mood dampened because of issues with Gitorious.
>>> I just got a 500 error from Gitorious when trying to do a `git pull
>>> --rebase` before fixing some bugs tonight.
>>> Jim
>> Heya,
>> So we had agreed in the meeting to do a "holding pattern" and deploy to
>> a simple git / gitolite / gitweb solution for now.  I'll be working on
>> it next week... it's going to be a prerequisite for next release anyway.
> What do you think about hosting mg on Savannah's git? We can use not all of 
> their features, just gitweb and git hosting itself.

Sorry Boris, this mail got stuck in the spam queue (non-subscribed
sender), and I've neglected the spam cleaning until today... I'm very
sorry your mail didn't arrive the list on time. But I'm happy you found
the way to send your ideas, and we're in Savannah now :)


Laura Arjona

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