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[GMG-Devel] How to make the best for MediaGoblin out of 'YouTube Red' sc

From: hyazinthe
Subject: [GMG-Devel] How to make the best for MediaGoblin out of 'YouTube Red' scandal
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 14:57:19 +0200

Maybe you already heard the news, maybe you have seen it coming like that for a 
long time:
Youtube devides it's service in a premium/fast lane - 'YouTube Red' - and a 
slow lane - the rest of YouTube.
Just alone that step makes it clear into what direction it goes in the long 
term: A desaster for content creators
and users alike, one way or another. Of course, the big winner is YouTube; 
otherwise YouTube wouldn't do
this step on 23th of october 2015. Of Course, YouTube makes more money, the 
more people will use the fast lane.
So, of course, YouTube will pursue the aim to constantly push content creators 
and users in a way, that as much
people as possible turn to the fast lane. Maybe YouTube even deletes all 
non-YouTube-Red-accounts of content creators,
or makes them inaccessable.

On a global scale and socially, that development is terrible, but at the same 
time that development is
THE big moment for MediaGoblin to skyrocket.

For us the target is clear: Get as many content creators and users to turn to 
MediaGoblin as possible as a reaction
to the introduction of YouTube Red.

The question is: How to achieve this?
And then: How to practically actually put it into action?

To question 1, my suggestion:
Let's show people how to use MediaGoblin. You know why most people don't change 
their behaviour?
Not because of lack of motivation - and in case of YouTube Red a lot of 
motivation definitely is existing now - but because they don't know how.
You really need to take people - not only regarding user, but also developers - 
by the hand and show them as easy and entertaining as possible
how everything is done. The best would be a couple of 3 minute youtube videos, 
spoken in with a decent micro, maybe a little bit subtle background music.
By the way, you could beautifully set up an own youtube channel and let it link 
to your funding page and merchandise page.
An anecdote: I planned to "really & seriously" use Freenet after I've read all 
the FAQ, Wiki, documentation, but guess what?
I never made that effort, just because the sheer mass of text demotivated me in 
doing so. Imagine what it does to the one's,
who are not as engaged as I am.
You have to consider one thing clearly:
The YouTube masses, who could really use a new home now, are no experienced 
admins. They are not even admins. They not
even know how to program. They not even know how to use linux. They not even 
know what a server is. When they read
'deployment' in MediaGoblin's FAQ, the only thing bumping into their mind is 
'???'. This is the starting point, and the better
we build a bridge to this starting point the more people in need we enable to 
behaviour change. Again: It's not a question of
motivation now anymore, it's essentially only a question of how to, a question 
of enabling people, who don't know shit about computers.

So, short: 3-minute-howto-MediaGoblin-videos on YouTube.
How to upload on MediaGoblin?
How to watch MediaGoblin videos NOW within firefox browser within the next 
seconds without doing anything?
How to make your MediaGoblin-content-creator-channel pretty?
How to promote your new MediaGoblin-video within the whole Internet the best, 
so that's as easy as possible for
users to watch your MediaGoblin-video?
Stuff like this, you know?

You know, the smaller the steps to behaviour change are, the more efficient, 
effective and sustainable they are.
Noone on YouTube will go like 'FUCK YOUTUBE RED ! Now I'm going to set up a 
DEBIAN MediaGoblin server and
host my own content ! Within the next 5 days !' - that's too much expected. If 
this is expected from people,
they will fail due to lack of competence, then they will get frustrated, and 
from that point on it's even harder to
convince them to behaviour change. That's why we need to go into the opposite 
direction, into the direction of small, easy steps.

This was my main point.

... maybe one little word to motivation:
In reflection to what I've said, regarding motivation probably best would be to 
promote not even a complete switch away from
YouTube and towards MediaGoblin, but simply setting up a parallel MediaGoblin 
existence to one's YouTube Existence,
and uploading one's content at first to the MediaGoblin existence, and only 
after that to the YouTube existence.
So people get used to MediaGoblin. And if YouTube gets too uncomplicated within 
this context, than people automatically will
do the complete switch away from YouTube and towards MediaGoblin.

Yeah... that was my suggestion to question 1, and now to question 2:
I don't know. Is it anyhow possible to explain a person, who knows almost 
nothing about computers & IT, within 3 minutes how to
set up a MediaGoblin-content-creator-existence ? How to upload videos in 
MediaGoblin? How to watch MediaGoblin with as less
effort as anyhow possible - best would be within firefox without any special 
I don't know, but if, then we should!
>From that point on the question would be: Who among us has the ability to do 

Do you have and input to get this forward?
Or do you have any better ideas for question 1 and 2?

Would like to hear about it...

Torben Lechner

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