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Re: [GMG-Devel] Tags/Collections for batchaddmedia

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Tags/Collections for batchaddmedia
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2015 10:55:53 -0600

Hey Dan!

Dan Krol writes:

> I'm a bit delayed because I wanted to successfully upload my latest
> vacation, which required video transcoding, which requires Debian Jessie,
> which required something something yak hair.
> Anyway that's all done; I will try my best to get the patch done tonight
> after my other Sunday to-dos.


> However one edge case came to mind as I had the transcoding errors,
> and I'm wondering about your opinion. Supposing a user were to try to
> batchaddmedia a cvs's worth of stuff, and come upon an error. They fix
> it (maybe they just had to apt-get more gstreamer stuff).  At that
> point, they shouldn't just re-run the command, they should edit the
> csv to remove the items they already successfully uploaded (that's
> what I did). Maybe I could just put a warning message to do so if
> there's an error?

I think adding a warning message there makes a lot of sense.

> What would be worse, though, is if they chose to use celery to process
> things. Processing errors (video or otherwise) would be silent, and the
> other files would proceed anyway. Not such a big deal in general, but with
> collections it's an issue because order tends to matter (from a user
> perspective). They can't just fix the processing problem, go back, and
> re-upload the ones they missed. Even if we added re-ordering features, it
> loses some of the benefit of "bulk" to have to move things around manually
> after the fact. So, perhaps I should disable, or at least give a y/n
> warning, for batchaddmedia with celery, if there are any collections
> specified in the file?

That's.... an interestesting point.  Though there's a risk of doing y/n
as well, in which this may be called non-interactively by some script.
We'd need a way to also supply a --non-interactive field or something.

I'd be open to a patch like that... though maybe a warning printed to
stderr at least could help, and would be easier?

 - Chris

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