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Re: [GMG-Devel] Mediagoblin self-test failures

From: Mikhail T.
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Mediagoblin self-test failures
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 22:08:07 -0500
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On 19.01.2016 20:19, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
Hello Mikhail! And sorry for the delay in response!
Well, better late than never :)
and am seeing the following self-test failures. Is the self-test suit
supposed to run clean, or is it known to be broken in places?
Hm, no most of those are not errors that I'm familiar with.  The
detached session one is the only one I know of having that problem.
Most, but not all? Could you identify the known failures, so I don't struggle with them?

At least some of the errors are due simply to missing test-images. For example, tests/test_exif/has-gps.jpg does not exist in the 0.8.1 tarball -- but is present in git. Similarly, tests/test_exif/good.jpg is missing -- I use tests/test_submission/good.jpg as substitute, perhaps, incorrectly.

Obviously, the 0.8.1 was not verified to pass all of the self-tests bundled with the release. Is this something, that'll change with the next releases, or am I wasting time trying to make the port verify the newly-built package post-build?
Note that there are currently some errors in master; see

However it looks like your errors are from prior to that point?
Dunno -- I use 0.8.1, where does this place me?

BTW, am I right, that 0.8.1 is the most current release? Thanks! Yours,
Yes, that's right!
Any ETA for the next release? Any important functionality/security fixes I should be adding to the port before that? Thank you! Yours,

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