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[GMG-Devel] Bugs you could help squash! 2017-07-01 edition!

From: Amelia Rose Khan
Subject: [GMG-Devel] Bugs you could help squash! 2017-07-01 edition!
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2017 17:11:09 -0400

Hello all,

This is the sixth version of the bugs squashing edition which should happen once a month.

Below are the list of the bugs, and my description of why they need to be fixed.
  1. Ticket #5473, has been split from #463 and could use more comments.
  2. Ticket #728, new patch is needed.
  3. Ticket #1045 needs a patch to cover everything Sturm said in the last comment.
  4. Ticket #5360 Seems like a lot going on here, and could use an update and the other tickets in the second last comment.
  5. Ticket #5434 There is a patch ready for review that has been sitting there for 16 months.
  6. Ticket #5443 There is another patch ready for review sitting there for 16 months.
  7. Ticket #1086 This captcha ticket is the most active, and snuffi on IRC asked if there is captcha for registration?
  8. Ticket #212 Sturm is asking for an example and has done a prototype that needs review.
  9. Ticket #733 This ticket has been under review for 4 years which would be good to update based on the comments by brett.
  10. Ticket #986 This ticket has been in review for 5 months as a new patch has been created by varadhya.
  11. Ticket #5376 The last comment by ayleph seems like there is only one small issue left before the ticket can be closed.
  12. Ticket #715 The last comment by ayleph 3 days ago opened a pull request for the CloudFiles SSL URI issue.
  13. Ticket #5513 There is a patch that ayleph added 4 days ago that allows draft blog posts to be deleted.
  14. Ticket #5514 ayleph added a path 3 days ago to that fixes the error when no collection is selected when "Add to Collection"

Amelia Rose (First Name)

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