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Hosting needed for MediaGoblin project video files

From: Jim Campbell
Subject: Hosting needed for MediaGoblin project video files
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2020 18:12:34 -0600
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Hi All,

Since about 2014 the ChicagoLUG has been hosting MediaGoblin video files [0] on 
Rackspace object storage as part of Rackspace's free credits program for free 
and open-source related projects. As it turns out, though, Rackspace is ending 
that program. As such, we're looking to remove any remaining files and servers 
from our ChicagoLUG Rackspace account so that we aren't charged for hosting 

Might someone from the MediaGoblin community be willing to host these files? It 
is not much in the way of space-used.  If so, we would need to coordinate both 
hosting of the images and updates to the MediaGoblin website to point to the 
new locations.

Thanks very much, and let me know if you have any questions,


[0] Here are the associated video files and video file sizes:
mediagoblin_campaign2_video-medium.mp4      - 21.35 MB
mediagoblin_campaign2_video-medium.webm     - 24.74 MB
mediagoblin_campaign2_video-medium2.mp4     - 20.98 MB
mediagoblin_campaign2_video-small.mp4       - 21.49 MB
mediagoblin_campaign2_video-small.webm      - 15.13 MB
mediagoblin_campaign2_video.mp4             - 21.38 MB
mediagoblin_campaign2_video.webm            - 37.32 MB

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