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Fwd: Closer to Scheme in ROM

From: Stewart J. Milberger
Subject: Fwd: Closer to Scheme in ROM
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2022 18:15:27 +0000
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"Star* MMXXII: A New Hope"

Please forgive me not remembering to 'reply-all' yesterday, I woke up in the clothes I fell asleep in, for reference.

Is there a canonical VM instruction set for Dylan? I'd expect something simulataneously Smalltalk and Lisp flavored.

They are using code derived from that the Functional Objects company developed, now free software.  The original compiler is the DFMC, and had either native code via their HARP abstract RISC machine or portable C.  This seems similar to what MIT Scheme has, but I think MIT Scheme has a VM option now.

Peter Housel at Open Dylan has done a lot of work getting the DFMC connected to the LLVM toolchain, similar to Juila.

Could we hope for Open Dylan to revive this syntax and support it as an alternative to the infix one?

I'm doing a 6 month project called Dylan/Thomas Labs to look into it, as I would like Scheme to coexist with Dylan.  Hope is about all I have done so far.

Some papers on Dylan, Housel's 2020 paper has a diagram of the flow compiler (pg. 2).

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