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Closer to Scheme in ROM

From: Clive Tovero
Subject: Closer to Scheme in ROM
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 22:19:32 +0000
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Here is an interesting RISC-V board with BASIC in ROM (ESP32 SoC):

I did read some old papers from the Scheme and Functional Programming Workshops in the past.  Thank you, Mr. Gleckler, there was one on running Scheme on the hardware, and I think the scientific programming in Scheme paper I got was from there.  I'd like to publish one someday, but it would need a lot of editing.

I've been working with the Open Dylan team, and looking at some ideas using Scheme alongside Dylan. DEC had an implementation that had the operator in the prefix position, where it belongs, called Thomas.

A number of years ago I talked to an alum of CSAIL, and he said, "You know, MIT never would have let you go just because you had schizophrenia."  I believe him, thank-you list for being so patient.  The Open Dylan people seem to tolerate me too.

A quote by me from a letter to the aviation manufacturing community:

    4) How about a new avionics processing chip based on the '79 Scheme processor built at MIT and laying on the shelf...The current administration in the US wants to bring chip manufacturing back to the U.S.?  Someone in your avionics team should understand, "dissimilar software/dissimilar hardware as a principle for improved safety".  I worked on one of these for Boeing, you have my permission to check my HR file there.  It might even be lying on there shelf.

And finally quote from me from our Open Dylan group:

    In some ways, I think it would be better for Thunberg (and all of us) to have an Apple ][ rather than anything Twitter enabled. I corrected an adult or two in my youth (1979 in front of an Apple ][), "No what is in RAM goes away when you turn it off, not ROM." My wife and I decided that if we have had a child, Greta would have an Internet doppleganger.

    I'm going to find my maker, Clyde Cessna (I'm posing there as a Scheme Machine or something), and tell him "I wish we had biplanes again sir.". Why don't we build an electric TravelAir with our Dylan Machine for avionics. Let me know when they are done Woz, er housel. And although mmxxii technically isn't a Roman numeral, make sure you add an option for lower case in the Roman numeral printer.

Sorry for any think-os, type-os, or C-style cast-os, it's been a long week.

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